Apple iPhone vs. LG Prada KE850

“Compared to what’s available in the US market now, Apple’s new iPhone looks as if it dropped out of the future. How does iPhone compare with new phones on the horizon? And how quickly will existing mobile makers respond to match or improve upon Apple’s offerings? Here’s a comparison of the iPhone next to one of the latest new phones to be announced, LG’s Prada phone, also known as the KE850,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “On the hardware side, the iPhone consistently beats the Prada in important areas that will make a big difference to users… Still, the hardware differences on the two devices are trivial compared to the software that powers each.”

Eran writes, “The real difference: the LG Prada phone’s interface is based on Adobe Flash Lite, while Apple’s is driven by OS X Quartz and Core Animation, and its applications are built upon the Cocoa frameworks.”

Eran writes, “Flash is great for quickly making animations for kiosks and demos, but it certainly can’t deliver the apps Apple demonstrated. That’s why the Prada phone’s only touted features are watching movies, listening to music, and viewing common file documents. No mention of any web browser at all, no sophisticated email or messaging apps, and only basic support for other common phone features… Imagine a web browser built on top of a minimal subset of Flash, and its suddenly obvious why the iPhone is further ahead than industry pundits seem to understand.”

Full article here.

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  1. Much as I like Daniel, its quite a reach to compare 2 devices with such authority that he’s never even touched.

    I think he needs to slow down. The blog-a-day concept means he’s really starting to reach sometimes.

  2. Far too many analysts and pundits, or whatever you want to call them, think that just because both phones look similar and have touch screens that they must, in fact, be similar. Nothing could be farther from the truth!!
    The pure and simple fact is that once people get their hands on an iPhone and experience the OS that we all know and love and they realize how easy syncing should be, everything will become much clearer!!

  3. “That’s why the Prada phone’s only touted features are watching movies, listening to music, and viewing common file documents.”

    The first two of which will most assuredly be superior experiences on the iPhone. I don’t know about three, if LG has some way to view MS documents then maybe commoners will find it the better choice there.

    I don’t need to wait for these phones to be released. It’s obvious on paper that the KE850 is a piece of shit compared to the iPhone. The LG is nothing more than a phone with a touchscreen and a few interface enhancements while the iPhone is a revolutionary step toward the future.

    Keep in mind, LG is same company that couldn’t even get touchscreen -controls- right on the face of their Chocolate phone model (both the GSM version in Europe and Verizon’s CDMA version in America). Nevermind an entire screen, just a few navigational buttons -beneath- the screen. Imagine how they’ll fuck this up.

  4. Flash UI on the Prada? The iPhone is capable of installing the whole Adobe Flash application, must less
    something derived from Flash. This is comparing a chestnut to a green watermelon.
    Look at how the iPod has evolved in the last couple of years…imagine the possibilities of this iPhone with
    Intels evolving low power chips, core animation, core video, soon to be a complete iTunes built-in, online gaming,
    video iChat. In five years, this thing will be so much farther ahead. As with the Apple TV, bandwidth and the cost
    of bandwidth, and future satellite upload is the issue.


    “It will go on sale first in late February through Prada shops in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy. It will cost around €600 ($775). In March it will begin appearing in stores in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, said LG. A version for the Korean market is due out in the second quarter.”

    The Prada phone is way over priced and I bet it won’t sync flawlessly to my Mac like the iPhone will.

    All you iPhone FUD producing dingle berries are lame.

  6. One important area where Prada beats iphone: IT ACTUALLY EXISTS! The other is still being assembled by some slave laborer in China working for 5 cents an hour to make sure that Apple slave labor goes unabated.

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