ZDNet online poll shows overwhelming Apple iPhone lust

Russell Shaw of ZDNet’s “IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband” blog is running an online poll.

If I could have a free Apple iPhone or BlackBerry Pearl, I’d want:

• Apple iPhone (84%)
• BlackBerry Pearl (6%)
• Reserve judgement until I can try both (6%)
• Neither. Both are toys (2%)
• Some other gizmo (2%)

Current vote total: 1,388

More info and a chance to vote here.

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  1. I am currently in Rome, Itally watching some tech shows. I am wondering why the heck the USA has the most backward technology. Of course, the iPhone is a stunning peice of technology if you have no exposure to what Europe and Japan are already doing and will also be doing.

    I’m disappointed.

  2. @David–paradoxically, the reason the US is so behind with cell technology compared to Europe and Asia is because the US was so much more advanced in POT (plain old telephone) systems. The need for a new telephony system was much more critical outside the US because their landline networks were total crap. Thus, cell technology adoption was fast and broad in places like Italy, while, at the same time, people in the US were still saying “who needs it” or “well, I’ll buy one for emergencies.”

    The cell phone has virtually replaced hard wired networks outside the US, but our infrastructure is so broad and developed, and it still works more conveniently for most people that there is just not the same motivation here to walk away from it and fully embrace cellular tech. It will happen.

  3. I was watching on Italian TV what some of the cell phones can and will do in Japan and Europe. Amazing.

    On a Euro + Japan Front. I certainly wonder if Apple will provide a much more powerful phone to them. otherwise, the device will simply be fashionable and technically behind what they already have.

    As for us Americans, the iPhone looks like this Giant leap cutting edge technology. WE are so in the dark ages.

  4. Is the Zune even available in Europe and Japan. I will have to visit a computer store here in Italy and see what they have. I see loads of people here using the iPod.

    In fact, late afternoon/early evening on the ETR train from Milan to Rome, I was on the train walking to the dinning care and noticed those that were listening to any device was using an iPod of sorts. No other device, such as the Zune was being used. The Zune is devoid of cutting edge technology. Italians have high standards for technology, cars, fashion, food, and coffee. By the way, not one Starbucks here!

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