Cartoonist Chip Bok takes on Apple’s ‘iPhoney Accounting’

“Steve Jobs and Apple are in trouble for backdating. Backdating is a complex financial prodecure requiring Mr. Jobs to call old girlfriends,” Chip Bok, a rather famous editorial cartoonist, blogs for Bokbuster.

Bok writes, “According to Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal it is a perfectly legitimate business practice. A special 2 man committee, including Apple director and Internet inventor, Al Gore, investigated Jobs and cleared him.”

“Since executive options come out of the existing shareholders’ hide you’d think they’d be pretty steamed about the whole backdating thing. Not. Apple stock rose to record highs,” Bok.

See a larger version of the cartoon here.


  1. I guess we’re going to squeeze the scandal jism rag until there ain’t nothing more to squeeze.

    Let’s get this thing investigated, slap fines and jail sentences worthy of the alleged crimes on the alleged criminals, and get back to business dammit!

    Its already gotten to the point where they BETTER find some illegal activity on Steve’s part or I’m going to be pissed about all of the hot air that’s been pointed at the public over this thing. Can’t anyone succeed in this country anymore without being demonized?

    I felt, and still feel the same way about BG, never the less, it has been proven many times over that his company does carry on its business unethically and in some cases illegally.

    Hasn’t anyone learned from politics yet that going after a front runner when they’re winning just looks like what it is – a cheap shot.

  2. Why do ‘reporters’ keep getting away with publishing lies about Al Gore? He never claimed to invent the internet. He claimed he was one its early supporters and that he helped draft some of the legislation that led to it.

  3. First … many editorial cartoonists simply go through the morning paper to find something they can make fun of or make a point of. This was an ill-mannered point, but who knows what all those buttons/options do? If he really compared Dubbya to Lincoln, there’s more than a kernel of truth there – though I doubt if history books printed after 2020 will have anything positive to say about the current administration.

    AFAIK, Gore never said HE <u>invented</u> the Internet. He did claim to be part of the process that made it possible. He was one of the law-makers (not leading technologists) who played an important part in making the Internet possible, he did play a significant role. I have a small trophy on my shelf proclaiming my own participation. I was a minor cog in the group within a large company – the group that worked on making the hardware and software work, and work together. Thus I made a contribution to it. So did my boss’s secretary. These parasites who never contributed anything to anything or anyone that did not benefit themselves need to STFU about the many thousands of us who at least tried.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

  4. DL,

    Well, sure there’s a “kernel of truth” in comparing

    Lincoln to Bush–they both served as president,

    breathe(d) oxygen, had parents, etc., but to say

    Dumbya compares favorably to Lincoln is the

    epitome of idiocy. That’s Fox News’ territory.


    Al Gore saying he “took the initiative in creating

    the internet” does not mean he said he invented it.

    If you Bush-loving folk want to parse and dissect

    politicians’ statements, I’d say you could stay

    busy for the rest of your lives rummaging through

    the double-speak of Bush and his fellow


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