Surprise, surprise, surprise: Cisco demos Apple TV-like device

Apple Store“Cisco Systems Inc. is getting ready to give the Apple Inc. iTV a run for its money,” Phil Harvey reports for Light Reading. “At CES this week the company was selectively, somewhat secretly, demonstrating a ‘home media adapter’ that serves up all photos, videos, and music from all the PCs, phones, MP3 players, and other storage devices connected to the home network.”

Harvey reports, “Cisco’s upcoming media adapter is in trials with some consumers. But the hardware design is being perfected by industrial designers, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the device, which was demo’ed from behind a black curtain in a suite at the Bellagio on Wednesday.”

“This device, sure to be the workhorse in Cisco’s connected home strategy, will aggregate and serve any media from any device in the home. It will also allow for purchasing video, audio, and other entertainment without requiring a set-top box,” Harvey reports. “In the Bellagio demo, Cisco’s content included movies from CinemaNow , a firm in which Cisco has invested.”

Harvey reports, “The Cisco media adapter will be available before the end of 2007. As with other Linksys gear, Cisco will sell it through service providers that want to offer it, in addition to having it available from major consumer electronics retailers.”

“In the meantime, however, the company is about to debut a new generation of its networked DVD player, called the KiSS DP-1600, in Europe,” Harvey reports. “The device will allow users access to walled-garden content in addition to allowing them to view content on their TVs from any networked device in the home. Oh, and the thing plays DVDs, too.”

Harvey reports, “On the back are connections for composite video, S-Video, component video, HDMI, optical audio, and Ethernet. The box also sports two 802.11 b/g wireless antennas. While it’s not clear when the device will come to the U.S., Sohl says the DP-1600 will be available in Europe this Spring.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sj” for the heads up.]
Okay, who called Jim Cramer nuts? See: Jim Cramer: Why Cisco really sued Apple – January 11, 2007.

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  1. The Apple TV will play ripped DVDs just fine. It plays anything you can play within iTunes. People have been ripping DVDs to iPod specs for ages. While it may not be endorsed by the MPAA, hence no mention of it by Apple, it doesn’t preclude it from being done. Rip away!

  2. These guys still don’t get it. They’re only offering a piece of the pie. apple is offering the whole pie with Ala Mode to top. Apple has the stores, the software, the complete hardware package, the intergated applications and now the iPhone (oops). You can one stop shop at the Apple Store and buy stuff that all works together. It’s vertical integration at it’s best – a B school’s case study dream. These guys are just not positioned with the right tools.

    Apple is smokin’ baby.

  3. “ok, so someone tell me why ATV isnt going to play DVD rips.”

    YOU MUST BE KIDDING! Ripping any commercial DVD is, by the terms of the MPAA licensing agreement, illegal! ILLEGAL! Get it?

    And you want SJ and company to publicly endorse, aid, and abet the playing of these criminal wares? For the love of Mike, macromancer, there are ENOUGH questions about illegalities going around at Apple. Do they need MORE just to satisfy YOU?

  4. Who cares? Has anyone in Europe even heard of Cisco? iThink not…

    Apple can offer an end-to-end solution, store-computer-transfer:to:tv&portable;:media:player.

    Cisco doesn’t have store+whole-lot-a-content, nor do they have HW/OS-combination and same goes for the high profiled media player.

    How easy is their device to use? If they started slappin that thing together, when Apple introduced their solution… 🙁

  5. Who wants to bet that the “interopperability” that Cisco was wanting in exchange for use of the iPhone name was in fact an attempt to have Apple license FairPlay. This makes sense now that this device was featured and that most home mp3 players are iPods. This would allow them to directly compete with the Apple TV and iTunes ecosystem — and therefore be a direct competator against Apple.

    Apple was smart to reject such a notion.

  6. “… will aggregate and serve any media from any device in the home.”

    All media? That means I can serve my iTMS purchased songs and TV shows. They must have hired DVD jon or purchased his Fairplay crack.

    Either that, or it doesn’t and I won’t.

  7. typhoon,

    Ripping a DVD that you own surely is allowed per the VHS legislation by Congress back in the 1980’s.

    But the DMCA prohibits bypassing content DRM as a means to making that legal backup. So as long as your DVDs don’t have CSS, then you are correct. But all of the DVDs I get from Netflix or have purchased have CSS and so are, I suspect, most or all of yours. So if you are copying them you are in violation of Federal Law.

    Just sayin’

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