AT&T to phase out Cingular name in rebranding move

“AT&T Inc. will rebrand its Cingular Wireless service with the AT&T name starting Monday, a move aimed at bringing together the company’s newly acquired entities and services under a single moniker,” Dionne Searcey reports for The Wall Street Journal.

Searcey reports, “The rebranding comes just a few weeks after San Antonio-based AT&T completed its $85.8 billion purchase of BellSouth Corp. and took over sole control of Cingular. Before, the two had owned Cingular together.”

“The service will be sold as “Wireless from AT&T.” Initially, AT&T ads will combine Cingular’s logo, an orange X-shaped character named Jack, with the round AT&T trademark. AT&T executives say using both logos will train consumers to recognize that Cingular is now AT&T,” Searcey reports.

Searcey reports, “Over the coming months, AT&T will phase out the Cingular name altogether. This move might prove unpopular with young consumers who prefer it over AT&T’s stodgy brand, according to branding and advertising experts. Cingular has cultivated an image of being a hip company, most recently with its partnership with Apple Inc. to offer the iPhone.”

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  1. I am one of those young, trendy folks… and being in advertising… I think it is a old business stuck in the past. Cingular was a powerful brand, even though it has had a short life. Far more attractive to young people than the dated AT&T moniker. Come on, American Telephone & Telegraph.

  2. Good Lord!!! I was with At&t which changed to cingular and now it’s back to At&t???!!!

    Well After cingular ripped me off I vowed never to go back, a vow I instantly revoked when I saw the genius of the iphone (still wish it had more gig’s though-i do like to store my files and shuffle through 60 g of songs). Makes me feel a little better that come June I won’t be on Cingular (sort of).

    I’m still amazed at this piece of hardware folks, the buzz around me and my friends (even non geek idiots like myself) is huge. I think this thing is going to be bigger than anybody thinks, we have our 2nd perfect gadget for the 21st century…and it’s from Apple (again).

    Is it odd that I’m proud of our man Jobs? because I really felt that when I watched the keynote…

  3. They should call it what it really is – Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, a monopoly that destroyed the competition by means of accounting fraud and screwing their existing customers with overpriced, substandard service.

    The iPhone deal reminds me of Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ deal with Disney – which ended with Steve Jobs as the largest shareholder, and Michael Eisner booted out to the curb. I hope Steve Jobs gives that gang of criminals in San Antonio the Eisner Treatment – especially Ed Whitacre.

  4. Personally, I hate all this name consolidation on AT&T’s part. I thought SBC was a far better brand than AT&T. Sure AT&T is known worldwide, but that’s mostly as a brand with a sucky image.

    I deliberately moved my long distance from AT&T to SBC 5+ years ago, after having a series of nightmare experiences with AT&T. I made a vow never to go back to AT&T, so I’ve got to say, it TOTALLY irks me, that SBC purchased AT&T then decided to switch to the AT&T brand.

    Practically, everyone I know, who’s had problems with AT&T, still say SBC (yeah know AT&T). It’s like a little mantra for reminding us who purchased who, because if it was the other way around, I’d probably be searching for another vendor.

  5. >The 1984 breakup comes full circle. Perhaps the Ma Bell companies should have stayed together.

    People forget that the “breakup” was AT&T’s idea. The DOJ just wanted AT&T to split-off Western Electric (remember them?), the manufacturing arm of the Bell System. But AT&T wanted to get into this new thing called “information services” and dump the tired old regional bell stuff (that was before people started ordering modem and fax lines like crazy — and then DSL).

  6. This makes me very sad, for some reason. I don’t know why exactly. But the Cingular name, its logo, its store designs and everything else make it look “hip” to me. This is what I am afraid of being destroyed. Cingular is a “cool” company, and it was even cooler that it was going to be with Apple on the iPhone. Good match. Young people are excited.

    But now, thinking of iPhone and AT&T is … well, yuck.

    I have had nothing but good things to say about Cingular since dumping that disaster of a provider, Verizon, last year.

    Anyway, it’s a sad day. I don’t want to see that ugly blue ball thingy with its white stripes on my bill and hanging in the store. Old. Stogy. Boring. It shouts to me “The Big Boys are coming to screw you over, and make a hip’d company into a rip’d company”. Goodbye Orange.

    RIP Cingular brand.

    This sucks.

  7. Oh stop whining, you wimps.

    I live where there is only Verizon, Sprint, and what used to be Cellular One.
    You may not want to do business with stodgy old AT&T (and yes, it’s too bad they are not capitalizing on the Cingular brand name) but at least you have a reason to BUY an iPhone for something other than a high tech paperweight!!

    MDN MW: others
    as in
    Why don’t you think of OTHERS sometimes?

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