Apple’s Phil Schiller gives CBS News hands-on tour of iPhone

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide marketing, shows CBS News’ John Blackstone some of the many features of the iPhone:

MacDailyNews Note: It is quite interesting to see how Schiller – just like Jobs in other interviews – goes out of his way to avoid using the term “computer” when talking about iPhone, even though the iPhone is obviously a computer with the (patented) UI of the future (iPods will use it and so will Macs, to some extent, eventually). Perhaps Apple’s marketing research says to avoid the term “computer” or they have something up their sleeve to be revealed later? What do you think?

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  1. “I can’t wait for the technology in the phone to make it into the next generation of Macs. Watching that demo it looks like the mouse just became obsolite.”

    Ever see Minority Report?

    My only question is how it handles incoming calls when you’re using it as an ipod?

  2. Dang. It has never been better being a Mac user and Apple fan. This thing changes everything. This is Apple’s PDA!!!!!

    Next time I get some static from a Windows fan boy, I’ll laugh at them and ask them “Have you been living in a cave that couple years”? Get with the program you sorry POS!!!!

  3. Has anyone noticed that the iPhone Steve demoed Tuesday was rigged via its dock to a conference hall projection system?

    Think about having in 3 or 4 years from now a 24″ screen with keyboard and mouse, Wacom tablet (and any other peripheral you use with your iMac or iBook) connected to a small dock. Same setup at your parents house. You use it at home where your docked iPhone is running the show, with its 500GB flash disk and Core8Quattro processor. You go to parent’s house, playing a game or movie on the iPhone while your spouse drives (or the car drives itself). You use parent’s dock to use your ‘computer’ there. Same for your wife carrying her iPhone between home and work. No more home, office desktops, laptop for travel. You have one computer for everywhere, and it goes with you in your pocket. And it has Apple logo on its back.

    Open your mind to that possibility folks! I think that’s where we are heading!

  4. “Phil has the best job EVER.
    Anybody know his background before Apple?”

    “Schiller has eighteen years of experience in product marketing and management, of which includes eleven years at Apple in various capacities. His previous experience also included positions at Macromedia (Vice President of Product Marketing), FirePower Systems, Inc. (Director of Product Marketing), Nolan, Norton & Company and Massachusetts General Hospital (Programmer and Systems Analyst).

    At Apple, Schiller was instrumental in the formation and marketing of iMac, iBook, PowerBook G4, iPod, Mac OS X and subsequent products.

    Schiller received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Boston College in 1982.”

    Biology? I’m guessing that the iPhone might contain organelles.

  5. Were Steve to leave Apple, I don’t see Shiller taking the helm. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Phil. But he’s been Ed McMahon to Steve’s Johnny Carson – at least at MacWorlds – for many years.

    But Al Gore has stature enough to take the helm, assuming he doesn’t have other plans.

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