Mossberg’s initial take on Apple iPhone: ‘radical and gorgeous’ with ‘brilliant new user interface’

“When Apple rocked the cellphone world Tuesday by unveiling its radical and gorgeous new iPhone, it was bad news for Palm Inc., whose Treo smart phones will be severely challenged by the new iPhone when it goes on sale in June,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg writes, “I attended the iPhone launch event, and was able to use one for a little while. That’s too brief an encounter to allow me to write a proper review. But I can say that it has the largest and most beautiful screen I’ve ever seen on a cellphone, even though it’s incredibly thin. It felt great in my hand. It has a brilliant new user interface; the handsomest email program and Web browser I’ve ever seen on a phone; a full-blown iPod music and video player built in; and even a cool new voicemail system.”

Mossberg writes, “The iPhone has some potential downsides — it doesn’t use a physical keyboard, instead relying on a virtual keyboard on the screen, which may put off heavy email users. It runs on the relatively slow EDGE cellular data network, though that flaw is partly offset by the fact that it can also use speedy Wi-Fi wireless networking. And, with a $499 base price, it’s expensive.”

Mossberg writes, “Still, the iPhone made my relatively new Treo 700p seem primitive in many respects when I compared them side by side… if you’re in the market for a smart phone and can afford $499, you might want to wait until June for the Apple iPhone. The Apple entry is so full of promise that anyone buying a smart phone in 2007 should at least wait for the full reviews and a chance to try it out.”

Full article, which also looks at Samsung’s BlackJack and Palm’s Treo 750, here.

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  1. Geez, there’s going to be like, 100 iPhone articles a day for the next three months here at the ol’ MDN. You guys might have to temporarily change your name to iPhoneDailyNews.

    Not that I’m complaining or anything.

  2. Really now… This *is* the Walt Mossberg we’re talking about… If an ABC News correspondent was allowed to actually manipulate the functions of the iPhone in-hand, Walt certainly was allowed as well.

  3. From: Mr. Obvious: “Geez, there’s going to be like, 100 iPhone articles a day for the next three months here at the ol’ MDN. You guys might have to temporarily change your name to iPhoneDailyNews.”

    They could just change the name to AppleDailyNews and then it would be fitting seeing as how Apple Inc. is in more than just computers these days.

    It’s a very impressive piece of hardware and software and there isn’t much going on in the world of Mac computers right now, so it makes sense to post the article about the iPhone.

  4. Tony C…

    Of course they’re national stages, and I realize that Walt Mossberg is well known. But everything this guy ever says about consumer electronics, I could easily say as well.

    But, having said that, I digress. There are lots of people out there who will now buy an iPhone because Mr. Mossberg said it’s a thing of beauty. So…I hang my head and walk away kicking stones in shame.

  5. I live in Sacramento. I bopped over to the Sprint Store in the Elk Grove Laguna Area today. I am, of course, having problems with my Palm Treo 650 and was thinking of temporarily going over to the 700p. Well, they tried to demo it for me and it just kept crashing. So, during the conversation the discussion of renewing my contract came up and that they could really reduce my out of pocket expense. I replied “uh, no…I don’t want to renew…I am waiting on the iPhone.”

    The sales manager said, “oh yeah. That is the buzz around here. The new phone is going to take away many apple and other customers this summer. She said, “I completely understand”. Then we started laughing at the palm treo as it was rebooting again! In fact, both the palm treo 700p and windows based one failed at the same time. Could not get them to connect to the EDVO networks. Meanwhile, the Dell laptop with XP loaded on it also crashed as she was trying to surf to the Apple home page to look at the iPhone.

    Yeah, the iPhone is going to cream the competition.

  6. “Too bad the Iphone is a cingular Wireless exclusive. All you sprint/verizon/uscellular folks better switch over to the allover network.”

    Not gonna happen for this Verizon user. Not that I’m completely thrilled by Verizon’s customer service, but their call plans/pricing are hard to beat.

    Besides, Cingular has over 3X the customer service complaints with the FCC that Verizon has. Customer service complaints are something I think is going to cause Apple PR problems of the “guilty by association” variety when (not if) iPhone users start having Cingular-related problems with their iPhones.

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