CBS Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson praises Apple iPhone, rips Microsoft and Zune

CBS Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson humorously praised Apple’s new iPhone and ripped Microsoft and their Zune in his monologue on January 9th:

This isn’t the first time Ferguson has slammed Microsoft’s Zune (from Nov. 17, 2006):

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Matt” for the heads up.]


  1. Loved the part about MS combining a phone with an iron. A few minutes later, Ballmer rushed to his office to shred some of his “innovation” notes.

    <strike>From the giant, chairless desk of Steve Ballmer:
    Combine a cellphone with an iron.</strike>

  2. Ferguson is quite the refreshing breeze of humor given all the other dreck on late-night TV. He doesn’t use cue cards. He doesn’t do “jokes” – he just talks off the cuff, unscripted, for as long as it takes him. I saw the couple of times he tried the joke-pause-joke thing. It was BAD. Now he free-styles it, and is just completely off-the-wall funny. Every time.

    Not surprised he sees the value in Apple and mercilessly skewers M$…

  3. The line that was funny because it was true was the one about the Zune being Microsoft’s attempt to “break the iPod’s Stranglehold on the iPod market.” That is exactly the situation. It is the iPod market, not the mp3 player market.

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