1. I feel like I just took a tour of Toy Story. Oh yeah, almost forgot, it’s the Pixar influence and IS all about the toys.

    Can someone direct me to a fairly serious place to consider my next computer purchase? The latest software to make it work? Obviously, Steve is no longer interested.

    He has even renamed his company to remove any doubt that he is fully committed to the idea that the “halo” has become the company.

  2. Will all the wa****s please shut up about them quitting the computer business please. If they don’t have an event of its own for Leopard and/or new macs in the next two months I’ll gladly shoot myself in the face. Relax everyone please.

  3. This phone is the most advanced small computer ever! It will become the basis of a tablet OS X computer and new iPods.

    The competition have got very very big problems dealing with this.

    And I suppose you have no clue that Mac computers ALREADY lead every other computer in the market, let alone that OS X Tiger beats Vista hands down. Just wait for the spring for the future of OS’s with Leopard.

    Oh and a message for “Kicked in Butt”: You are clearly an ignorant MS troll, so please go astern into your Vista and Zune swamp.

  4. I’m also getting tired of “Steve didn’t do things the way I wanted them done, so I’m going to pout, sulk, whine, and take my toys and go home.” And all this over an expo. What the freak? I mean, your computer isn’t any better or any worse than yesterday. It still runs. It still does all the stuff you like doing. What is the problem here? Are you that fickle and that shallow that one Expo will make or break you? I’d tell you to get lost, but you’ll be back Dell or Balmer or Linus doesn’t do things exactly the way you want them done.

  5. Apple just did to cell phone manufacturers what they did to MP3 manufacturers, Took a large sword and cut off their heads. Everyone will have this phone in 2 years. Cingular just made billions dollars. As for the nay sayers…
    The iPhone is powered by OSX and completely intergrated with all the iApps.

    The Ericksen’s Nokia’s and Motorolla’s are
    crying like little babies tonight.

  6. Ditto… Anyone who doesn’t recognize the iPhone as a sophisticated computer (it runs OS X for god’s sake) is simply not opening their eyes.
    Cingular is going to make a ton of money, but not on selling iPhones. They are going make sh*tload on the amount internet connect minutes. This is the first phone that makes me see value in internet connections. I can make most biz trips without a laptop with one of these. My birthday is in June and I’m gettin’ one of these puppies!

  7. Dear Up the Butt,

    I appreciate that fact that you consider the Mac not a serious business machine.

    What are your criteria for this? Does it have to crash 3 times a day and be the recipent of thousands of viruses and spam mail?
    Does it have to use the always useless MS Access, Internet Exploder and the forever-losing my email favorite Outlook.

    Are you talking about all the enterprise apps that are going web based?

    Let me help you with where to get the computer? Any used white box will do for you…Try Vista on it cause it’s the latest
    Don’t worry about Steve, He does not worry about you…

    PS the iPhone will not work with Windows, thats got to hurt!!!

  8. Attention all idiots who think something is wrong with the Keynote because it wasn’t all about apps and imacs and who fear the name change of Apple Computer to Apple Inc.

    Do youself a favor before you run your mouth – go WATCH the friggin Keynote and keep your ears open!

    Stupid idiots!

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