Seagate Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition now Apple Mac compatible

Seagate Technology today announced that its Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is now compatible with the Apple Mac OS X operating system. The storage and backup solution lets creative Mac users quickly and easily transport, enjoy, back up and synchronize their video files, photos, music tracks and any other digital content stored on their desktop or laptop at home, in the office or studio or while they’re working on location.

According to Seagate, the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is the first mobile storage solution that ships with a complete set of software to protect digital content, including automated backup, data protection and file synchronization. Using the automated backup software, Mac users can now ensure that all their files are automatically backed up on a set schedule or with the touch of a button. With synchronization, business travelers can be sure that both their home and office Macs are up to date with the latest files and new digital content. For data protection, the compact storage solution provides Maxtor DriveLock, embedded firmware that further restricts data access if the drive is ever lost or stolen, even if the internal hard drive is removed and attached to another computer.

“Our retailers and distributors are eager to supply the Mac market with a reliable portable storage solution for anyone who needs to carry and access their digital content while on the go — in addition to backing up and managing content between multiple locations,” said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate Branded Solutions, in the press release. “Our Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition integrates needed security with intuitive software features that make it incredibly easy to manage and protect valuable files and media content.”

The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition features a metallic design, and comes equipped with black rubber side panels that provide non-skid “feet” and added vibration protection. Its compact size and weight of less than eight ounces allows it to be easily stowed and transported in a purse, backpack or briefcase. As a special treat for this year’s Macworld attendees, Seagate will be raffling off a limited supply of the specially-designed mobile storage solutions coated with a San Francisco-themed GelaSkin, a premium- grade vinyl coating that lets owners customize their portable storage with graphics and protect the surface from scratches.

The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is available now at major retailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP’s) are $129.99 for 80GB, $169.99 for 120GB and $229.99 for 160GB. Please visit for more information, including local distribution channels and retail outlets.

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