Cringely’s predictions for 2007

Robert X. Cringely reviews his predictions from last year – he got nine of 15 predictions correct for a 60 percent average with more (Apple “iPhone” and “iTV” products) possiblly to come true just a little late (next week) – and then takes on 2007:

Among Cringely’s predictions for 2007:
• Apple releases iTV, a bunch of flat-panel MacTV’s that contain Mac Minis.
• Apple settles with and takes a license.
• Apple drops Akamai for a different edge-serving content delivery network, possibly Google or homegrown.
• Sony is in such difficulty that Microsoft is discussing internally how to help Sony from going under, since that would create a raft of antitrust problems for Redmond. I am not making this up.
• Windows Vista SP1 ships in June despite the fact that Vista structurally shouldn’t require service packs. Except it will.
• Zune 2.0 appears, isn’t brown, but still nobody buys it.

There’s much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Regarding Akamai– would the purchase of the data center allow Apple to distribute its own content, as well? If so, this would mean that the only thing Apple doesn’t control is the content production. Hmmm.

  2. Cringley is some kind of genius or soothsayer or maybe he has contacts the rest of the prognosticators should envy. Still a 60% average is a little week this year. Maybe he needs to curb his enthusiasm. Just a tad.

  3. Apple would need to recreate Akamai’s network of computers not to mention its specialized software that is the basis of Akamai’s existence, and it ain’t going to happen for all sorts of obvious reasons. So on this evidence alone, Cringley’s predictions are disinfomedictions.

  4. Even with the new data center Apple probably wouldn’t want to drop akamai. But just as multiple companies make macbooks for Apple, ism’t it possibly that multiple distributors will be used including their own in house facilities. Apple are going to need a lot of resouces for video distribution to work.

  5. I, along with many others who use this pen name, am Robert X. Cringley, named after a browbeaten character in an old comic strip, There Oughta Be a Law.

    I am a liar because I said I have a Phd. So fucking what? Deal with it, lowlifes, especially you who never watch PBS and never contribute money during telethons for my salary.

    I am important, and PBS looks much better after my fake name on a business card than Phd would, anyway. And I can hide all my so-called breaches of ethics behind PBS’s so-called superior ethical behavior, and what a joke that is.

    Week after week I prove you can fool all the people all the time because I know everything. And you’re a bunch of suckers.

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