Will Google-Apple alliance rock Macworld Expo next week?

“With Google Chairman Eric Schmidt sitting on Apple Computer’s board of directors, people have been expecting the two companies to do some kind of deal that will combine the best of both companies’ technologies,” W. David Gardner writes for TechWeb.

“That may happen next week when Apple’s Steve Jobs takes the stage at Macworld in San Francisco on Tuesday. Jobs is expected to reveal more about the video playing device he tentatively has called the iTV,” Gardner writes.

Gardner writes, “Google watcher Steve Arnold says Jobs is likely to announce that Apple will use Google’s video search capability. ‘Apple needs to cut a deal with someone to find and distribute videos,’ said Arnold, who is managing director of information technology consultancy Arnold IT. ‘There’s this huge Internet video flood that’s been unleashed. But you can’t find anything.'”

“The first hint may come on Monday when Disney chief executive Robert Iger gives a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which may set up Jobs’ Macworld presentation. It’s a foregone conclusion that Iger will unveil Disney’s upgraded Web site along with links to Apple technology. Jobs is Disney’s largest investor thanks to Disney’s acquisition of his Pixar Animation Studios,” Gardner writes.

Gardner writes, “Apple introduced the iTV last September along with a deal with Disney that enables users to purchase Disney movies from Apple’s iTunes Store. While the service has been widely hailed as visionary, it’s still painfully slow. This is where Google comes in, according to Arnold, who believes Apple will tap onto Google’s powerful IT and network infrastructure sooner or later to deliver content.”

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  1. Would that this were true, but it’s extremely unlikely. Steve Jobs, as a Pixar-Disney man, is a video content provider. YouTube-Google is afloat on a tide of not-for-profit content. Some of that content is stolen or borrowed, some is amateurish or at least homemade. None of it does anything for content providers.

    (It’s also all in a grainy Flash format that would drive not only perfectionists like Steve Jobs crazy, but nearly anybody else who tried to actually watch it on a large display–but that’s another story.)

    You can easily imagine Iger’s displeasure at learning that the iTV offered an easy way to find and download bootlegged copies of Disney movies.

    I don’t see such an alliance unfolding. I think other forms of cooperation make a lot of sense, but it’s a wild-goose chase to try to try figure out some way in which YouTube and the iTV can be folded together.

  2. It is not in Apple’s DNA to let go of control of lynchpin technologies. I’d be surprsied if Google is at the ehart of Apple’s movie distribution plan. I can see a partnership that improves or replaces the long problematic .mac service, but not the movie distribution business. Unless of course, Google provides the search and distribution technology but adopts an iTunes-like interface for serving movies, video and music, and then let’s Apple contribute the look-and-feel, and keep the software updated.

  3. “While the service has been widely hailed as visionary, it’s still painfully slow.”

    Hmm…maybe I just have way-highspeed Internet at home.

    Last night, I figured I’d download City on the Edge of Forever. I’ve only downloaded a couple of TV shows. In any event, I started the download and I was able to start watching the show almost immediately–certainly within the first minute or so after clicking the Buy button (and that includes Fast Forwarding through the credits).

    So I’m not sure where the “painfully slow” comes from…

  4. All I’m hoping for (besides the Leopard stuff and the “iTV” stuff) is other locations for the iTunes stores video content.

    I live in Canada and have been dying to purchase some content… particularly Canadian content…

    The CTV Network up here has “CTV Broadband” which streams shows and does “work” on the Mac, but it stutters and stalls and stops and must be restarted constantly (even on the latest and greatest Mac Pros). Would that I could download “Corner Gas” or last night’s Canucks game to watch at my leisure…

    C’mon Steve. Remember Canada.

  5. I can’t think of anything earthshattering that ever happened because of an “alliance” between Apple and a more-or-less equal partner. I suppose you could call Apple’s media distribution deals “alliances” or Apple’s part’s supplier deals “alliances” or Apple’s manufacturing deals “alliances.” You also have Apple working with the technology of much smaller companies such as PortalPlayer and some companies Apple will buy outright for their technologies.

    But the last situation I would truly call an “alliance” was between Apple and Microsoft, but that just maintaining the status quo of having Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for Mac around for a few more years.

    So I don’t believe there will be any news of an Apple-Google “alliance” that will be “rock the house” at MacWorld.

  6. ken1w: I can think of one. Google’s absolutely enormous “dark” infrastructure. They have so much unused bandwidth and server space that I’m sure they’d love to recoup some of those costs by leasing a bit to Apple. That’s the kind of thing you need to download a lot of movies/video data in a distributed fashion.

  7. Not seeing it.

    Most of the videos on youtube are a waste of time. Google video is terrible to navigate through.

    When will the iPod do simple video capturing.
    Turn the iPod into a camcorder with an iSight camera added? When you plug in the iPod it syncs with imovie or iPhoto?

  8. So an iTV… with a simple remote is going to use Google to search for video? How ya input the words? Oh riiiight… by manually flipping through letter by letter on the remote? Ain’t gonna happen unless iTV can pair with a bluetooth keyboard, that seems sorta… tarded.

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