The Washington Times’ 2006 Best Tech Company: Apple Computer

“Overall, 2006 was a very good year for technology and computer consumers,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times. “Best company: Apple Computer Inc. Yes, it did it again, but this time with astonishing grace. Switching an entire product line from the Motorola/IBM-made PowerPC chip to Intel Corp.’s processors is one of the most daring, and potentially daunting, moves in a long time. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company did it with tremendous speed and performance gains.”

Kellner writes, “This is a good place to mention Apple’s service: For me and those I know, Apple’s ability to resolve problems have left people smiling. Having solid products and superb support earn Apple a tremendous distinction in a sea of half-baked computer solutions about which there is often much wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Kellner writes, “Also praiseworthy is Herndon company Parallels Inc., whose Parallels Desktop software lets Mac and Linux users run Windows side by side.”

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  1. Whether The Washington Times is a troll or an Apple devotee, they’re at best boring and at worst painfully monotonous and excruciatingly repetitive. The fact people enjoy their paper only proves to me that they are as immature and dimwitted as The Washington Times.

  2. Looks like Zune Tang (or one of his poofs on parade) can’t generate a cogent and independent thought. It’s a damn shame that this moron who maliciously mimics his betters not only repeats his own threads ad nauseum, he plagiarizes the threads of others. That would make the false poster not only an idiot but a lazy idiot.

    The real Huh? abides

  3. The real Huh? abides

    Well, I dunno… I seem pretty real to me.. – nice take on my moniker, though, what with the cap H and all…

    I happen to think Zune Tang is funny as hell. A bit of humor is often needed amongst the many posters who take themselves so seriously. Please don’t tell us you think ZT’s actually serious?

    Regardless of the source, it’s sure a different world these days (comparing to the not-too-distant past) when APPL gets decent press. As the formerly ignorant take a closer look, more praise will be forthcoming. Let’s be happy, APPL fans.

    The genuine huh? (Okay, Huh? – you can be the “real” and I’ll be the “genuine.”

  4. Wait, lemme get this straight: The Moonies AND the Ditto-Heads love Macs now? Uh buoy. What’s that old saying about being judged by the company you keep …?

    At one level I think it’s hysterical how so many former conservative M$ apologists (“F**k Apple & Netscape – Bill Gates is just a good capitalist!!”) are now converts. At another … well, there goes the neighborhood.

    I may have to take another look at Linux ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smirk” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Odyssey67,

    You Americans have two centrist parties to choose from, the liberal Republicans or the conservative Democrats. There is no real choice in America. Just two parties that are the mirror images of each other.

    I am amazed that a country can be so polarized by 2 choices that are so similar.

    What you need is a real Right and a real Left.

    Communism or Fascism, those were choices. Good times!

  6. Also from the article:
    ” • Best hand-helds: Palm Computing Inc., whose mastery of the phone-PDA metier is difficult to question. Its Treo device, revised in several flavors in 2006, is a wonderful, workable and dependable tool that would be better only if everyone’s Web site were more mobile-accessible (some standard Web pages take a bit long to load and work).
    But that’s a relatively small price to pay for unencumbered excellence. I have used the device in places exotic and “regular,” and it has worked well.
    Palm does face a bit of a challenge from Research In Motion and its BlackBerry line, especially the Pearl. Therefore, what Palm comes up with this year should be interesting to see. “

    No mention of possible competition from Apple. While a smart phone by Apple rivaling Palm and BlackBerry is hardly a done deal, it remains one of the most talked about tech rumors of the past year.

    Time will tell if Apple steps into this arena, but if it does, Palm’s real challenge won’t be BlackBerry..

  7. Also also from the article:
    “Most needs improvement: Comcast, whose idea of customer service is, frankly, Dickensian. I’ve had several harrowing and annoying recent experiences, and am grateful the Federal Communications Commission has voted to increase competition for television service.”

    I don’t have Comcast, but I’ve heard more complaints from my friends who have it than any other online service in my whole entire lifetime.

    The only reason I even know that Comcast is involved in online services is because I’ve heard soo many people bitching about them. Literally dozens of people have had various problems with them, some serious.

    I have Verizon, and while their cell phone technology stinks, they deliver the internet flawlessly.

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