The Economist makes us laugh: In look & feel and ease of use, Vista out-Macs Apple’s Mac OS X

“From the end of January any Windows-based personal computer that you buy will come with a new version of Microsoft’s operating system, called Vista. Make no mistake, this is more than just a slicker, prettier version of Microsoft’s current operating system for desktop computers, Windows XP. Vista is considerably quicker, easier and more pleasant to use, and far more stable and secure, than was its predecessor. One of its particular attractions is its more intuitive way of storing, organising and locating files. Included too are better parental controls, a built-in DVD maker, and lots of other improvements. In many ways, especially in its look and feel and ease of use, Vista out-Macs the Mac’s latest operating system—the Tiger version of OS X. However, that could change when Apple releases its Leopard version of OS X in spring,” The Economist reports.

MacDailyNews Take: We can find no other independent Windows Vista review that makes such a ridiculous claim. Is The Economist serious in saying that Microsoft’s Windows Vista beats Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger in terms of “look and feel and ease of use?” Or are they just joking? Maybe we’re reading it wrong and it’s supposed to be satire? Really, the choice of the terms “look and feel and ease of use” is a dead giveaway, right?

The Economist continues, “…The real difference between Unix-like operating systems and Windows is their design philosophies. Windows may squander computing power through its clumsy architecture. But by favouring simplicity of use over simplicity of design, Microsoft has been able to leverage cheap but powerful commodity hardware, to provide cost-effective software solutions. These may be complex in design—and full of bugs to boot—but, boy, are they easy to use and maintain. That’s a winning formula in anyone’s book, and the reason why Windows rightly rules the world.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows PCs are “easy to use and maintain” and that’s “the reason why Windows rightly rules the world?” Okay, for sure now, this article is definitely meant as a joke. Before all, the headline The Economist uses is “Hasta la Vista,” so maybe the unknown author is trying to say goodbye to Windows?

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  1. Zune Tang, we were going to try Vista at work, but soon discovered that we COULDN’T! We’ll have to rebuy all of the PCs in the office with more memory, more storage space, faster processors, et al., before we can.

    When my boss found this out, he decided we should go with the MULTIPLE OS option that the Mac offers. That is, if we want to run Vista, we can. If we want to run Mac OS X, we can. If we want to run Linux, we can. If someone wants to run BeOS, he can.

    Damn, but the math seemed simple to him–and to all of us as well!

    Mac, here we come!

  2. If Vista still needs virus software protection to keep it secure. It’s no better than it ever was. To say that it is more secure is a total lies and propaganda.

    Bite on that on zune tank.

    Use Vista at your own peril.

  3. Say, isn’t the Economist a British rag? If it IS, that explains the ludicrously positive spin on the Vista excreta. For some reason, British publications loathe Apple, so any opinion piece from them will necessarily praise MonkeySoft and pan Mac/iPod/etc.

  4. As a former PC user, I cannot express how glad I am that I got out of the Window$ world when I did (1 1/2 years ago). Upgrade path to Vista is nightmarish, to say the least, unless you are willing to shell out at least a grand on a new PC that MIGHT be able to run the Premium version of Vista! Otherwise, have fun buying more memory and a gamers’ quality video card just to run “Aero”. Whoopedeedooo!!!! Oh and yes, Zune Tang, MDN has tried Vista, it’s called OS X…numb nut.

  5. For those of you who find pleasure in using my name in vain, please continue to play on. Your displeasure pleases me. Vista is proving that Apple has no monopoly on “ease of use”.

    And, yes, The Economist gets it. Indeed, Vista improves on Microsoft’s legendary ease of use with customer-desired implementation of which only Apple can dream.

    So, dream on of sugar plum iPods and candied iMacs dancing in your heads this Christmas season. It’s the only place they work. The real world belongs to Microsoft and it is the playground of the gifted.

    ‘Til I can Welcome you to the Social,
    Happy Holidays

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