One Apple iPod just isn’t enough for some music lovers and gadget geeks

“For music lovers and gadget geeks, Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod portable music player has long been a must-have accessory. But now, some of Apple’s most loyal customers are finding that one iPod just isn’t enough,” Allison Linn writes for MSNBC.

Linn writes, “It’s hard to say how many multiple iPod users are out there. A spokeswoman for Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said the company doesn’t have any public data on how many people regularly use more than one iPod, and several analysts also said it was too early to track such usage. But analysts say there is anecdotal evidence showing that, as Apple has rolled out more and more iPod models, it has drawn in more repeat customers.”

“‘Since we are seeing the devices themselves take on different functions related to form, it’s not surprising that people would be buying more than one,’ said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research. With iPods now available in a wide array of sizes, prices and even colors, Gartenberg noted that in some ways the devices even seem to be designed to encourage users to acquire two or even three,” Linn writes.

Linn writes, “The small nano, for example, is popular for exercising, especially when paired with specialized accessories. Meanwhile, the hip, low-priced shuffle, which can be clipped to a jacket lapel, is becoming somewhat of a fashion statement, Gartenberg said. And the bigger, pricier iPods that feature video screens might appeal to users when they want to access a larger library of songs, or watch movies.”

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iPod nano for gym/running, iPod for trips/commutes with music and video, iPod shuffle… just because. Do you have multiple iPods, too? If so, which iPod do you use for certain activities?


  1. ipod nano for the gym and running, 1st gen shuffle for short trips to the store, the market, a quick trip for a bite to eat, 2nd gen shuffle for a play; ping pong, tennis, etc., 2nd gen ipod for home stereo in the bedroom, 3 gen ipod (photo) for everything else, i’m getting the 80 gig ipod soon, to hold all my videos.

  2. my wife has a 30Gb 5.5Gen iPod black — for general use and viewing of her TV soaps and she also has a 4gb iPod mini she uses @ work for music purposes…

    i own a 60Gb 5Gen iPod black for – general use and tons of hours of video viewing…I also own a 1Gen iPod nano for workout — it spends most of its time in my car connected to my Harmon Kardon Drive + Play!

    yea, so we’re freaks!

  3. Working on number ten, which will be a red nano.

    Mine are more for collecting, so too many to list all the uses.

    Here’s some examples:

    3rd gen 15gb for speakers by the bed.

    Shuffle 1st gen in a sports case, cuz it’s the most carefree ipod experience around.

    U2 5th gen V2, cuz watching TV on your lunch break rocks!

    Favorite ipod experience right now is a 1st gen nano with the headphone lanyard thingy.

    Best ipod ever is still 1st gen 20GB touchwheel. A man’s ipod fer sure.

  4. Actually iPod shuffle for the gym and bike rides: it’s pretty much indestructible and almost non-existent, so perfect for working out. I also have an iPod (4th Gen) hooked into my car stereo that I listen to when commuting.

    Oh, and my wife and oldest child have iPod minis, and my youngest has my old (1st gen) shuffle.

    An iPod family for sure!

  5. It is interesting how Apple has kept the features and therefore the uses distinct (clip, video, Nike, HD, etc) so one line will not cannibalise the other lines. If their synchronisation on Macs works well, they may achieve this on Mac hardware too e.g. MacPro for big screen crunching, MacBook Pro for client demos and next a tablet for everyday portability.

    Magic word ‘other’ as in ‘my other Mac is a Mac’

  6. I use the new shuffle to clip papers together on my desk. I like to be organized.

    I have a 3G 30GB iPod under one of my desk legs. The floor here is really uneven.

    Those are the only uses I could find for iPods. When it comes to using a portable music player, I have 3 of Microsoft’s marvelous Zunes. They rock! Redmond got it right the first time and I love ’em. Got one in each color.

    Welcome to the Social.

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