Screen shots of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard latest build

“A first-hand evaluation of the latest Mac OS X 10.5 build provided to developers reveals steady progress has been made with the operating system in the past number of months, but significant stability issues persist, all but arresting any hopes for an early release at or around Macworld Expo San Francisco next month,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“The new build, 9A321, is the first to feature an updated installer as well as images during the installation process touting Leopard’s new features,” Katz reports. “New to build 9A321 is support for Sun’s ZFS file system, a 128-bit open source file system introduced with Solaris 10 that offers support for vastly larger drives and arrays than 64-bit file systems. ZFS also delivers additional options for administrators.”

“Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is expected to have a large presence at Macworld Expo San Francisco, which begins January 9, 2007,” katz reports.

A link to screen shots of Leopard in Think Secret’s galleries of build 9A241 and 9A283 here.


  1. Change of Subject…

    I just got off the phone with Apple Customer Support. I had ordered my Mom a Nano for Christmas last night and bone-headed me shipped it to myself instead of her. I called in this morning and was told, call back when you get the shipment notification in you email, ask for a manager, and that person can do a “re-route” of your shipment.

    I received the shipment email just a few minutes ago, called back, was escalated to a manager named Greg and he did even better. He offered to ship a complete new Nano to my mom and send me some return labels at Apples expense to make sure she got it by Christmas.

    When you look up Customer Service up in the encyclopedia, it should have the Apple logo next to the description. Simply an amazing company.

  2. I suspect all those of you who are underwhelmed at the lack of surprises in the builds released so far will be wowed at MacWorld. Steve will, I’ll guess, preview all the new features at that time, given that Vista has been released, and then release OS X in mid to late March.

  3. Listen up, morons! Get a clue. If the only improvement was the inclusion of ZFS it would be worth the price of admission. Can you begin to the implications of a 128 bit file system, and what that means in a world where we’re trying to figure out how to handle massive amounts of massive media files? Just because YOU don’t understand something it doesn’t mean it has no value. Go back to building your homemade PCs with the Bionicle themed cases. They’ll acquire viruses and malware at the same semi-blazing pace they run Halo. While you’re obliterating your bazillionth monster I’ll be doing something creative and NOT worrying about security.

  4. Question for any developers out there – Assuming Steve wasn’t blowing smoke that new features still need to be unveiled… What sort of things could be held back that developers wouldn’t need plenty of time to play with? Wouldn’t even changes to the UI need plenty of testing with 3rd party software?

  5. My guess is that developers won’t see those “secret” new features until Steve reveals them in his presentation. Then the developers will pick up their copies so they can begin working/playing with them. To bundle them now would spoil the surprise.

    As to the Dell alternative, I just this morning setup a Dell GX620 small form factor box. It’s not *that* bad, but it’s typical Dell “factory ugly”, its optical drive still uses a flimsy cup-holder tray, and the whole drive sits loose and cheap in its bay. Like Steve said years ago about Microsoft, “No style”.

  6. If you know something from Software Development. The Developer Preview is a seperate branch. All Developer API’s are incorporated, but Leopard is having a second branch and this is the main branch with all features and interface updates.

    You can’t say anything based on those screenshots.

    MW: Past, like in Vista

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