12-year-old girl gets porn-laden Microsoft Zune

A couple on the south side of Chicago gave their 12-year-old daughter a Microsoft Zune from Wal-Mart.

No, we don’t know what the girl did to deserve such a hideous punishment. And, believe it or not, it gets worse. How is that even possible, you ask?

Well, it seems the Zune had already been returned at least once (big surprise), but it came with a whole lot more than an instruction manual, according to MyFox Chicago.

Is an almost two-hour-long homosexual orgy video on an already-returned open-box device that nobody wants high atop your 12-year-old daughter’s Christmas wish list? Then the Wal-Mart on Chicago’s south side eagerly awaits your visit.

We’ll leave the “squirt” jokes to you. Full video report here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sketchtrain” for the heads up.]

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  1. Wow. This really isn’t an indictment of MS or the Zune. But Wow. That Wal-Mart manager is stupid. I’m guessing that the box was reshrink wrapped. I think that’s of questionable legality. I think my last sentence may have questionable grammar, I need more coffee.

  2. I hope this story gets some real attention in the media. People are so surface oriented it will likely make them think that Zune’s come preloaded with porn. As if that idiotic device were not terrible enough.

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