Apple’s Mac means business

“In the computer world, there’s a pervasive attitude that the Mac is a great computer for graphic design, publishing, video production and education. But when it comes to software to run your business, you may want to think about buying a Windows PC,” Dan Muse reports for Small Business Computing.

Muse reports, “Whether or not that is a fair representation of the Mac is, of course, open to interpretation and largely comes down to your perception of the Mac. But even if you if love the Mac mostly for what it’s best-known for, you may not be giving it enough credit for its business savvy, according Paul Kent, vice president of Macworld Expo.”

“To help spread the word, Kent said, Macworld Expo last year launched its Small Business Symposium, and this year it’s back to help spread the business gospel of Apple’s Computer’s desktop and laptop computers — which are known for attracting a rather religious following,” Muse reports.

Muse reports, “The small business event, which is designed to help you learn how to best tap your Mac to help you run your business, is part of the Macworld Expo. The conference and exhibition run from January 8 to January 12 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Small Business Symposium takes place on the last day of the conference.”

Muse reports, “According the show organizers, a panel of experts will guide small business owners and managers through important considerations and options you need to know regarding your office hardware, servers, network services, desktop configuration and IT management.”

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  1. I’m always put off with the religious reference and Apple.

    i.e. “Spreading the Gospel… and … attracting a rather religious following,”

    I love my Mac but I don’t worship it. I bought it from a retailer – it didn’t appear by some divine supernatural force.

    However, Microsoft Windows just may have appeared by a truly sinister dark force.

  2. I agree. Come on, people. Apple is a great computer, and its OS rocks our socks, but is really an object of worship? It’s never been that way for me and I doubt anyone else really, truly, worships a computer. Are we devoted to the Mac as a platform? Sure. Do we love the ease of use and savvy design? Of course. But worship? Please. If Apple were gone tomorrow, I’d be truly disappointed, but the state of my eternal soul wouldn’t be affected one bit.

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