Apple makes good on South Park episodes

Several MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews readers report receiving this message today from Apple’s iTunes Music Store:

Thank you for purchasing the South Park Season 10A Season Pass from the iTunes Store. We know that the decision to split this season into two parts created some confusion for our customers.

We strive to create a perfect experience, so iTunes is giving South Park Season 10B to everyone who purchased the South Park Season 10A Season Pass.

Those who bought the South Park Season 10A Season Pass are given a link to download the seven free episodes from South Park Season 10B by Apple. Alternately, Apple offers these same buyers the option of simply opening iTunes and selecting “Check for Purchases” from the Store menu.


  1. LMAO at Weekend Update on SNL.

    “Barack Obama opened for Monday Night Football earlier this week. Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton recorded three sacks and a fumble recovery.”

  2. I’m not sure why a) Apple feels compelled to do this, and b) why anyone complained in the first place. When I purchased the original South Park Season 10 Season Pass, there was a disclaimer plain as day for anyone to read that the South Park producers indicated there would be only 7 episodes in Season 10, and the $11.99 price certainly indicated a limited number of episodes. So Apple is now on the hook because Trey Parker and Matt Stone changed their minds?

    If anything, Apple might have better communicated to its customers the nature of why South Park Season 10 came in Parts A and B. I can only surmise they didn’t want to be party to yet another frivolous class-action lawsuit (Why doesn’t some enterprising lawyer ever file a class-asction lawsuit against M$? They certainly have produced shoddy enough products over the years that would call for such action…but I digress.)

    In this instance, Apple is to be commended for doing the “right” thing, even if they shouldn’t have had to.

    Just my 2¢.

  3. {sorry, more off-topic]

    R2 (again), that was OK, but the bit about Bush hearing Obama’s name and asking “Have we caught him yet?” was better.

    But the killer joke of the sketch was the one about the gay Colorado pastor who prayed to God to make him straight, but instead God kept introducing him to hotter and hotter men!

  4. Well at least Apple did make good on something, they have made good on many things for me in the past……

    …..unlike Microsoft, they’ve shafted all of their customers and even duped them into thinking that it’s the computer’s fault!

    Many times I have told my friends, computers don’t go wrong, Windows does and if they’ve had enough go buy a Macintosh and be amazed!

    Since I am in Europe where we are still waiting for TV & movies to be made available on iTunes – something I am arguing with Rupert Murdoch’s company, Sky, as they recently launched a free movie download service for subscribers. It’s called Sky Anytime and guess what – the software required is Windows only!

    For my North American friends, Sky also owns DirecTV. Plus Sky pay Hollywood £200 (US$388) million British Pounds a year to have major titles shown on Sky’s premium pay-per-view movie channels, Sky Box Office, within 3 months of theatrical release!

  5. to => I never had a complaint! — To answer your question on why people are complaining, the thing is that disclaimer about the 7 episodes was added a month or two AFTER the were selling it without the disclaimer. For a good month people were buying it thinking it was all of season 10, because they did not specify that it was 10A. When I bought the season pass I waiting a couple of days before I bought it because I was suspicious about the price (seemed to good). I went to the south park forum and they seemed to imply it was only half a season, but the did not state it clearly, apple did not state it clearly, and there was not easy way of asking apple. The disclaimer came later. When I purchased season 10, there was no disclaimer, and it appeared as if they meant the whole season. I can understand some people might get upset, and I am a little surprised that people don’t think that the disclaimer came after the fact due to question/complaints.

  6. Ruben is right, there was no disclaimer when I bought my season pass. Downloaded all seven of 10B last night and already watched three this morning!

    And yes, on SNL the gay Colorado thing was the best!

  7. South Park is a disgusting show. I’d be happy if the producers and creators of this show died very soon. They are filthy and rotten to the core, and I’m damn tired of people like this hijacking the pop culture. And shame on every loser that watches that show. You’re going to hell! Remember that I told you so when you’re there!

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