Piper Jaffray: Apple iTunes Store sales show strong year-over-year growth

“Piper Jaffray notes that contrary to recent reports suggesting sales on iTunes are declining rapidly, their analysis of Apple company data regarding iTunes sales shows strong growth y/y,” Notable Calls reports.

“In light of recent media reports of slowing iTunes sales, they analyzed music sales data and saw strong y/y growth in 2005 and 2006. Specifically, the firm compared total sales between Jan. and Sept. of ’05 and ’06 and saw 78% growth during that period. From Jan. to Sept. in 2005 Apple sold 10.4m songs/week and in 2006 that number was up 78% to 18.5m songs/week,” Notable Calls reports.

Notable Calls reports, “While Apple does not release the financial details of the iTunes Store, the company has indicated that they run the store ‘above break-even.’ The iTunes Store, therefore, is a supplement to the iPod as Apple’s vehicle to monetize the free iTunes software. The integration of iPod with the iTunes software along with some profitability from the iTunes Store represent the three ingredients of Apple’s digital music ecosystem.”

Full article here.

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  1. Do you understand why listening to “analysts” is stupid? One day, one firm says Apple’s going to hell. The next day another firm says no, it’s not, and a second one sets a target price of $110. People, these analysts are like Zune Tang,Sputnik, Ballmer, and all the rest. They are all for the most part, full of S**T.

  2. It wasn’t Microsoft. A person or entity with lots of pull wanted to buy into Apple stock at the lowest possible price. They paid some analyst firm to conjure up an obviously flawed report based on incomplete data. AAPL goes down a little (probably not as much as they hoped). They buy, and Apple goes up above $100 over the next few weeks based on the REAL news about holiday sales and the annual pre-MacWorld hype. Then they sell, causing the usual post-MacWorld dip in AAPL price. The timing was perfect and obvious.

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