Microsoft pulls Mac security update; urges users to uninstall patch

“A security update issued Tuesday for the Mac version of Microsoft Office was posted in error, the software maker said. The company encouraged consumers to uninstall the patch, which is still being tested,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

Fried reports, “‘Due to human error, they were accidentally published to the public Web sites before our full testing release process was complete,’ a Microsoft security official said Wednesday on the company’s Security Response Center blog. ‘As soon as we discovered the error, we moved quickly to address it and remove the pre-release binaries from our public sites.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A fish rots from the head down.

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  1. Listen up. Get Neo office for free or iWork for about $80 and forget MS.

    These people are trapped in a bureaucratic molasses that is as bad as most governmental agencies.

    60,000 employees. I can see 1000 burning and shipping the disks, 10,000 doing whatever else needs to be done, but 60,000?

  2. ROTFFL!!!!

    NEO OFFICE, no x11, uses your fonts, works, and is free. Pages is cheep and offers some nice features so fergit Orafice fergit MiKro$uck, be gone evil empire, I shun you forever! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  3. Due to human error, they were accidentally published…

    What the hell? This is at least the second time something was accidentally released before it was supposed to be.

    This is not human error, this is organizational incompetence, a direct result of the massive numbers of crap employees they have hired in recent years. The idiots far outnumber the smart ones.

    Microsoft is totally thrashing and screwing up these days, I love it!

    Please, please, please Ballmer, stay in complete control of Microsoft! Let your clueless ego run riot.
    You are the only one who can ensure Microsoft is driven firmly into the ground and becomes the biggest corporate flame-out in software history.

  4. Yep, that’ll do it…NeoOffice is the bomb, and MSOffice will never be on my Mac again. AppZapped it a second ago…I feel better already. Somehow, … cleaner.
    MDN Word: “see” I can see clearly now, the crap is gone.

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