’s Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: buy Apple iPod, avoid Microsoft Zune

“As the holiday season is now officially upon us, it’s time to scout out the best gifts. To help you with that, I’ve compiled a list of the five best holiday gadget gifts, and I’ll tell you about three products to avoid,” Cody Willard writes for “So without further ado, here is my 2006 Gadget Gift Guide.”

The Ones to Buy:
Nintendo Wii: US$249
Apple iPod Shuffle: $79: Though not offering anything groundbreaking, Apple’s latest iPod Shuffle does not disappoint. It’s a barebones option for those looking for a compact, easy-to-use music player. The appeal of the newly designed iPod shuffle relies on the one thing Apple has consistently delivered over the past five years: its “cool” factor. While there was nothing wrong with the original Shuffle, Apple got the new one right by completely redesigning its look and feel. The biggest addition is a simple clip that allows consumers to “wear” their music.
Slingbox Pro: $249.99
Garmin nüvi 360: $749.99
Palm Treo 680: $199 (with two-year Cingular contract), $399 (any GSM service provider)
MacDailyNews Note: We’re waiting for a better smart phone. wink

The Ones to Avoid:
Microsoft Zune
Delphi Nav200 GPS Navigator

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For the fun of it, here’s yet another snippet of a lovely Zune review, this time from today’s Playlist:

Christopher Breen writes, “Can you imagine any other company whose corporate culture would allow it to release such a flawed product? What do you suppose would happen to an auto company that produced a car with no steering wheel or seats that spontaneously exploded after three uses or three days? Heads would (and should) roll. At Microsoft? Nothing. Instead, the company claims to be happy with the device and insists that it will sell 1 million units by July of next year. Unless Microsoft quickly turns this product around in a big way or starts tossing Zunes into boxes of breakfast cereal, even this modest estimate suggests to me that not enough people at Microsoft have taken the time to actually use the Zune.”

“Seen from afar the Zune has mounds of potential. It offers a screen bigger than the iPod (and one that can be viewed horizontally as well as vertically), it features a unique system for sharing files wirelessly, and you can choose to fill it from a library of millions of tracks if you opt for the Zune Marketplace’s subscription service. Get a little closer, however, and you discover a product and ecosystem akin to the main thoroughfare of a Hollywood movie set. The buildings seem to be there, but look behind their faces and you find half-finished, rickety structures held together by two-by-fours, wire, and duct tape,” Breen writes. “Welcome to the disgraceful.”

Full review here.

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  1. Funny, funny Chris Breen and funny, funny Andy Ihnatko are good pals, so they have resonant senses of humor. Two peas in a pod, telling it like it is.
    Gotta love ’em both, bless their little hearts!

    “Welcome to the disgraceful”

    Priceless, just priceless!

    MDN MW: southern
    as in

    “Looks like sales of Zunes are goin’ south Ernest!!

  2. Pickup A Zune (if you can get one out of the lock down displays. play with the scroll “buttons”

    Then pick up an ipod, and play with the scroll wheel for a second. Then go back to the Zune and try it again..

    It’s beyond me how anyone would even consider paying comparable money for a Zune after comparing just the scroll wheel to an iPod’s

    Cheap junky kludgy plasticky feel zune vs. pure velvet and a marvel of design form and function on the Apple.

  3. Koolaid,

    It’s Friday night and a Windows user is trolling a Mac site.

    Either you’re a pathetic loser or your are being paid by Microsoft to blog the good words of chairman Gates.

    Either way, it sucks to be you.

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