Analyst expects 16GB flash-based Apple iPod video player, 4-8GB flash-based ‘iPhone’ models

“Daniel Amir, an analyst with W.R. Hambrecht, expects first half 2007 NAND flash memroy demand to be a ‘counter-seasonal’ push from the growth of phones with MP3 players in general and Apple iPod phones specifically. Also driving NAND demand, he says, will be a 16 GB flash-based Apple iPod Video player, which he expected to see introduced in the first quarter,” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

“Amir sees Apple launching its iPod phone in January and expects 11 million units to be built through July 2007… He expects iPod phones to have 4-8 GB of NAND flash” Savitz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. simply put if apple isnt an MVNO, i will be MUCH less likely to buy it.

    if they put it out there as a $249 phone…..for use with (name your provider) I think i’m out.

    am i missing something, here?

  2. i mean Kevin Rose is no rumor n00b. he usually gets it right. he says they are $250 and $450 for the iPhone and iPhone pro, respectively. and they will work with any service provider.

    I see the ease of being in bed with all providers. Any of us could just take their current phone to the local cell shop and say, trade me up please. And pay the premium to do so, of course.

    But I thought apple as an MVNO (AppleMobile like VirginMobile) would be a more bumper to bumper solution.

    They would control the whole widget, that’s how apple rolls.

    I gotta wrap my head around this a little more.

  3. The only thing my friend Daniel Amir forgot to say was
    that the iPhone will fail. But I guess he didn’t have to
    say that because that was not the point of what he was
    saying — which is that demand for NAND Flash Memory
    will continue to increase because of its growing use in
    a range of new consumer electronic products.

    Daniel Amir knows the specs of the iPhone because it’s
    now an open secret the timing of Apple’s release of their
    iPod branded cellular phone and we all know also by now
    the exact design and internal specifications of that product.

    We even know by now that this new Apple phone “will have
    a slide-out keyboard, 4GB or 8GB of storage, and work on
    CDMA or GSM cellular networks (or by telephaty) will start
    at $249 before subscription rebates,” as Michael Kanellos
    from CNET told us already. Oh yeah, and it’s going to FAIL
    in the market, because Apple is a one trick pony and it will
    not be able to repeat the success of the iPod with another
    product ever again. See and read the proof of this wisdom:

    You should never doubt professional analysts. They know
    what you don’t know. They know how to think things through
    like you never could. And they are always more right than
    non-analysts. That’s why as a public sevice MDN quotes
    them, to educate it’s reader about what the wise are thinking.

  4. The stock is probably down due to profit taking. AAPL has had a significant price boost recently. The cowards and infidels wnat to take their profit, NOW, in CASH, rather than risk what the future might bring. They quit while they are ahead.

    That’s not investing. That’s gambling.

  5. He’s wrong that the 16GB player will have video. That’s too small for video files. The smallest capacity iPod with video today is 30GB. There WILL be a 16GB player, but it will be a nano-type device, just for music and photos.
    My $.02.

  6. Well, SF analyst, I beg to differ. I was an analyst at Goldman, Sachs and if your premise were true, then wouldn’t all analysts come to the same general conclusion? Why would they ever disagree with one another?

  7. To S.F. Analyst . . .

    If analysts are so damned smart and knowledgeable, please explain the $50 price per share last summer SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF RECORD PROFITS FOR THE COMPANY!

    Even if they ARE as smart as you say, YOU are certainly not their equal, for . . .

    “That’s why as a public sevice MDN quotes them, to educate it’s reader about what the wise are thinking.

    . . . you can’t even master the most rudimentary homophonic pair, “its” and “it’s”! (The latter, for your educational information reads “it is,” the contraction. YOU meant to use the possessive pronoun, “its.”)

    To quote my good friend Bugs Bunny, what a maroon.

  8. Yeah, RS, I’ve always wondered why we should lend any credence whatsoever to someone who never mastered third grade English! If one can’t differentiate between “hear” and “here,” “there,” “they’re,” and “their,” “its,” and “its,” ad infinitum, how can we trust him or her to choose good stocks over bad?

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