Apple at Radiological Society of North America 2006 conference

“At last I met the new Apple Xserve, at the Radiological Society of North America’s [RSNA] annual conference in Chicago last week, where Apple showed up with a team of knowledgeable specialists, 2×24″ iMacs, and a posse of MacPros running a variety of relevant software,” reports.

“Apple is into Science, calling OS X ‘The Platform for Discovery,'” reports.

Video and photos of what was featured at the RSNA Apple booth here.

“Our profession is overwhelmingly Macintosh. It’s just so much easier to use. It’s more dependable. It’s more intuitive. Its faster and it’s just more elegant.” – Scott Thorn Barrows, University of Chicago Medical Center

More about Apple Mac use in science:


  1. “But for business, its Windows, just for the bucks. It should know better – Windows costs 5 times more to maintain and run”

    Yeh, and that gets passed on to the poor consumers. So why should they change, they’er not paying for all that MS crap !!!!!

  2. If you work in Radiology or use Medical Images heavily in your practice (Neurosurgeons/Orthopaedists/Cardiologists/Vascular Surgeons/Reconstructive Surgeons) and you have not seen OsiriX, you have been missing the boat. This is free DICOM software that runs only on a Mac and compares very favorably with commercial solutions that can cost well over $100k/seat.

    It leverages Apple technologies and APIs, integrating into iChat, Mail, QuickTime, iSync and other applications in a way few apps developed outside Apple ever do. The developers are primarily Radiologists who did not like what was commercially available and did something about it. I work in the field (R.T.) and can testify how good it will run even on a consumer level Mac.

    The homepage is full of Quicktime movies showing some of what this program can do. These guys have really done their homework and have kept this program on a constant track upward, adding features and function even as they have stayed up with the transition to Universal Binaries and the rest.

    The software supports all DICOM formatted images, so there is some application beyond Radiology. Here is a link to the gallery. Take a look. I’ll bet you didn’t imagine your iMac or MacBook Pro was that powerful. It is.

  3. You know, when physicians with an interest in what they are using, get to make the decisions, then reasonable choices will be made, but for the most part, IT departments make the hardware choices, and everything remains the same. Y’aint gonna make them change much.

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