15-year Windows vet tries Apple Mac: ‘My God! This is amazing!’

Thomas Hawk is a photographer and digital media enthusiast in the San Francisco Bay Area who writes, “Well I’ve been hiding a secret for the past two weeks. It’s something that I’ve felt conflicted and unsure of, something that I’ve felt ashamed of and proud of at the same time. Something that I’ve been trying to sort out before I actually wrote about it. Most people will probably say, ‘yeah, big deal.’ But for me it kind of is a big deal. I haven’t told very many people. I showed Robert Scoble last week but have been kind of hiding it otherwise.”

“A little over two weeks ago I walked into the Apple store in Palo Alto and bought myself a new MacBook Pro. Yes, the new sexy Intel dual core MacBook Pro. And I went home and after not using a Mac for over 15 years, put my Dell PC notebook literally in the bookshelf and have been using this new Mac as my primary computer for the past 2 weeks,” Hawk writes.

Hawk writes, “And what do I have to say about the experience after two weeks? My God! This is f***ing amazing! For the past 15 years I’ve pretty much been a diehard Microsoft PC guy. I’ve mocked the religious zealotry of the cult of Macintosh. I’ve derided the senseless brainwashing that Steve Jobs seems so elegant at.”

“I was very frustrated with my Dell PC for a number of reasons,” Hawk explains. “And all along the way it was my 18 year old tech mentor Kristopher Tate, who kept saying, dude, just get a Mac. Just get a Mac. They just work. And so I did. And I have to say that he’s right. It just works. It took about 48 hours of getting used to but once my little introductory awkward phase was over it just works so much better.”

“As tech saavy as I like to think of myself as I’ve had so many problems with my PCs over the years. If using a PC is being outside working digging ditches all day long in the hot sun, using my new Mac is like hanging out at the spa,” Hawk writes. “I’m not really giving up on my PCs yet. I still do have four of them at home and two at work. But I imagine that I’ll be spending 85% or more of my computing time on this slender sexy new MacBook Pro in the future.”

Hawk writes, “Call me a convert. Call me a traitor. Call me a heretic. Or call me a fanboy. Welcome me to the club or say it ain’t so Joe, but all I can say is that Kristopher is right. It just works. And it feels so great while it does that. It’s the best I’ve felt about using a computer in a long, long time.”

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  1. “And another one down, and another one down, and another one bites the dust…”

    Once you go Mac, you never go back!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  2. Read the hundreds of comments and it is far from just ‘another one’ down..

    Tipping point is coming…

    And the Emporor Microsoft is being exposed as having no clothes. No quality, no judgment, no innovation, no security, just mediocrity, and an ever shrinking band of admirers.

    Go Apple.

  3. fatal, you are so out of touch. Right-clicking is no longer an issue. Whether you want to use Sidetrack as an add-on, or the right-click functionality now built in, it’s such a NON-ISSUE.

    More importantly, who would call this guy a “traitor”? He talks about the “cult” of Mac, of Mac “zealotry” and being a “fanboy.” But those words could only matter if, in the dark side of the universe, people were passionately pro-Windoze, as opposed to anti-Mac. To whom would this person be a traitor?

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