Apple patent relates to radio-transparent Zirconia in handheld devices and iPods

“On November 30, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s continuation-in-part patent application titled ‘Handheld computing device,’ which was filed on August 7, 2006. Apple’s patent application relates generally to portable computing devices. More particularly, the present invention relates to enclosures of portable computing devices and methods of assembling portable computing devices. Specifically, Apple discusses one of the variant handheld-devices/iPod’s including an enclosure having structural walls formed from Zirconia, a ceramic material which is radio-transparent. To clarify matters, Apple’s patent relates the use of zirconia with such applications as a cell phone and wireless iPod,” Neo reports for MacNN.

Full article with illustrations here.

“The interesting feature of the application is the suggestion that instead of aluminum a radio-transparent material could be used for the enclosure- Apple suggests- Zirconia- yep, a fake diamond iPhone! now that’s bling!!! Zirconia may be embodied in a variety of colors including white, black, navy blue, ivory, brown, dark blue, light blue, platinum, gold (among others),” hrmpf reports for

Full article with illustrations here.


  1. When a company files a patent, it covers every use it can think of, hence the ipod, wireless device, cell phone.

    If they didnt, it would mean people could jump into a piece of the idea, that they did not patent.

    Apple is just covering all its bases, this doesnt confirm anything.

  2. This is very cool though. The Titanium werenotorius for their bad airport range due to the metal.

    If you are using a late model powerbook G4 you will notice the gray plastic half ovals on the thin sides of your display. That is where your antennae are for airport and probably bluetooth as well.

    If this material is radio transparent AND structurally strong, then it frees up Mr. Ive to do whatever he wants with case design. I’m sure he is drooling.

    I just hope it isn’t an expensive material.

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