Jim Cramer: Apple Computer is the ‘buy of the century’

On Wednesday’s CNBC Stop Trading! segment, Jim Cramer “called Apple (AAPL) the ‘buy of the century’ at a recent $90, saying he believes its iPhone device will capture the lucrative ring-tone market. ‘Buy the heck out of Apple,’ he counseled,” TheStreet.com reports.

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Jim Cramer is a director and co-founder of TheStreet.com. He contributes daily market commentary for TheStreet.com’s sites and serves as an adviser to the company’s CEO. He is also the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” and CBS’ RealMoney Radio With Jim Cramer, and the author of several books, including Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World. Cramer also runs Action Alerts PLUS.

A frequent contributor to Time magazine, Cramer also writes about the stock market for New York magazine, was a founder of and former columnist for SmartMoney magazine, and helped found American Lawyer magazine. Cramer worked at Goldman Sachs from 1984 to 1987.

Cramer graduated from Harvard College in 1977, where he was president of The Harvard Crimson. He was a journalist for four years before earning a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1984.

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  1. He is an idiot – Capture the ring tone market???? What ever he thinks – I just upload any mp3 to my RAZR for nice FREE ringtones – anyone with half a brain can do free ringtones – I will never pay for one of those crappy quality tones people are selling..

    Yeah Ringtones are Apple’s future – Freaking Moron

  2. Whatever,

    Cramer is a freaking moron with at least 100 million dollars to his name. He is entitled to make some outrageous statements from time to time.

    If I had that much money, I would say I was shagging Bill Gate’s wife. Thank God I’m not rich.

  3. I make my own ringtones in Garageband. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

    But he’s right, buying AAPL is good. His answer is incomplete right here, but he speaks of Apple often.

  4. Whatever-

    Ya jackhole, he’s talking about clipping songs as your “ringtone” which is purposely made a pain in the ass by carriers, even on the Razor.

    So stick it up your choco-sphincter tube you cocky cheeze swilling potato packer.

  5. well, buy seemed like a good idea when the stock was -50 in August. But now at -90? it seems like the best policy is to do close to the oposite of what the analists are selling at any given time. if thye were saying apple is a dog- now would be the time to buy. . .

  6. The iPhone will be a pretty good phone but I’m guessing not a huge profit source for Apple since they are likely to sell it at full price and not as part of a bundle. If they do sell it as an unlocked phone with just sim card swap it should do pretty well but the ringtones won’t matter that much. That too will be profitable venture but the real change is going to come from the repurposed ipod. The new touch screen technologies, along with 802.11n will change a lot of things…and be the real source for Apple’s profits in 2007 and beyond.

  7. Yeah, the whole ringtone thing… wouldn’t it be cool if you could look at the waveform or some kind of timeline to visually clip segments, and automatically export them as ringtones to your iPhone. There is no reason Apple couldn’t do this in a delightfully simple way.
    And thus, NO MORE RINGTONE MARKET. ^.^
    It’s kind of redundant at that point anyway.

    Or, if you will, pwned.


    MW: ‘two’ (heads are better than one buggbladder beast of traal)

  8. Booyah!

    BTW, yes he “worked at Goldman Sachs”.

    Umm… as manager of a hedge fund- several hundred million in assets.

    don’t forget, as Faux “news” puts it “there are those who say”….

    that Jim actually practices arbitrage (not a bad thing) by “moving the market.
    I.E., pushing lots of Booyah-heads one way, then he and is hedge fund buddies move the opposite way.

    I tend to believe that is possible, but.


    Welcome to the social (I still don’t get that).

    Has anyone heard of Cramer commenting on the iturd?

  9. Occam’s Razor –

    All you have to do is edit your mp3 in Quicktime to what ever size you want and I sample it down quite small.. Connect to your phone over bluetooth – browse the device and drop the mp3 in the sounds folder – then you will be able to use it as a ring tone. You can also download you pictures this way. I know that Verizon cripples this bluetooth connectivity but Cingular does not, It is nice to be able to sync with iSync as well..

  10. Simple mathematical analysis dictates that AAPL has now entered the land of “The Law Of Diminishing Returns”.

    Buy low, sell high ≠ Buy high, sell higher.
    If you bought early on, you are golden. Now, unless you have absolutely unlimited funds to throw at AAPL, your returns will be minimal. PERIOD.

  11. 6502, your logic is poor. Of course buying low is better, but it’s growth that matters. Apple is poised to get MUCH bigger. Even they think so with the purchase of their new campus.

    Your logic works if there is a limit to how much the stock can be worth, but there isn’t. Apple is perceived by NO ONE as having even come close to ending their growth spirt.

    Will it fluctuate up and down? Yup. But you’re perspective– with all due respect– is silly.

  12. iTunes is the easiest way to make a MP3 ringtone. you don’t have to use quicktime…

    all you have to do is…

    1. Change the importing specs to something low (MP3 32k, etc)

    2. Right click on the song in itunes and choose a start and stop time (it’s on one of the tabs)

    3. Right click the song and select ‘Convert to MP3’ (or whatever your import setting is)

    you now have a file to use as a ringtone. just send it to your device

  13. A question, 6502 . . .

    When Google entered the market from nowhere at $85 in the second half of 2004 and moved to $400 early in 2006, did you say the same thing as above? If one were foolish enough to buy at $400 then, is that person a dolt holding the stock right now at $484, a 20+% increase in 11 months?

    With these astonishing returns, has Google entered your supposed “land of diminishing returns” as well?

    You know, 6502, you sound suspiciously like “Sell, Sell, Sell” and “StockBoy” in the above post, two dolts who rarely reveal themselves on this site anymore. Their moronic financial advice in past years has placed them squarely in the role of THE FOOL, and I don’t mean the good, motley kind.

    Are you one and the same, sir or madam?

  14. R –

    I understand your enthusiasm for Apple the company, but never get it confused with AAPL the stock. I want nothing more than Apple to have astounding success, but I have to draw my line in the sand when it comes to AAPL the stock at some point. The Law Of Diminshing Returns is an economic principal that I truly believe applies to AAPL right now. If you’ve got enough cash, then by all means BUY. The average investor just does not have the funds to make serious gains if buying now.

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” – ALEISTER CROWLEY

  15. 6502-

    so based on your theory. if i bought MSFT in 1990 then sold it in 1995. if i were to have bought it in 1995 my returns would have been minimal, period….???

    buy low sell high? how do you really know if it’s ‘high’???

    3 yrs from now 90 could be very low if after splits, etc the stock climbed to $200 or above. how can you say that’s a minimal return or bought high?

    magic word- “month” as in AAPL will be over $100 in a month

  16. Randian (I presume the Ayn kind) – “If one were foolish enough to buy at $400 then, is that person a dolt holding the stock right now at $484, a 20+% increase in 11 months?”

    As I said in my original post, if cash is no object, then you can still make gains. If you bought 1000 shares of GOOG @ $400.00 you need $400,000 (not exactly small change), then yes you would currently be +$84,000. Your initial cash outlay is the prohibitive in this matter and directly relates to why I brought up the Law Of Diminishing Returns. So to directly answer your question – I would NOT have told the average investor to buy at $400.00.

  17. I’m sorry, 6502, but you answered none of my questions. Would you, or would you not, have bought Google last year at this time, given your stance with AAPL?

    (And pardon me if I don’t fully understand your allusion to the self-proclaimed drug and sex “fiend,” the right honorable Mr. Crowley. Is his bizarre channeling of Aiwass to be equated with Mr. Cramer’s long and astonishingly successful market experience?)

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