Wired News: Real Rhapsody + SanDisk Sansa = nightmare, shockingly crappy experience

“For the last several weeks I’ve been trying to use Real Networks’ Rhapsody subscription music service with one of SanDisk’s Sansa players. I knew there were problems, but I’ve been truly shocked at how crappy it is,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

Kahney reports, “This isn’t news to anyone who’s tried to use one of the many devices based on Microsoft’s Playsforsure system, which even Microsoft has abandoned with the Zune. But for someone like me, a Mac user who rarely touches a Windows PC, the nightmare has been a revelation. I knew things on Windows could be bad, but Jeez … how do people put up with this stuff?”

MacDailyNews Take: Every time we touch a Windows PC, we ask the exactly same question. Ignorance truly is bliss.

Kahney continues, “To cut a long story short, every step has been a pain, from downloading new firmware for the player to updating the Windows’ underlying DRM software. And that was just to get it working. Once up and running, the first batch of tunes I downloaded generated nearly 10,000 errors. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wish I’d taken a screenshot. Since then, the software has been dog slow and unpredictable. It’s constantly downloading tunes that I’m unable to sync to the device.”

Full article here.
Well, there’s a lovely review that would make any Real or SanDisk PR flack want to take the rest of the decade off. If you’re stupid enough to choose something like Real Networks’ Rhapsody subscription music service with a Sandisk Sansa player, you deserve the misery that befalls you. And much pity; really, how does one arrive at such a “decision” exactly? As we ask anyone who approaches us for help with their malware-clogged Dell’s running Windows (yes, it has actually happened), “Why didn’t you just buy a hammer and start whacking yourself in the face instead?”


  1. I really don’t understand how there is no company that can even come close to the ease of use of the iPod / iTunes combination. It makes me think that Apple must have really pulled off an impossible feat if in all these years EVERY competing product fails miserably. I understand it is mostly due to Apple controlling the whole widget, but that is not the whole equation – just look at Zune. Other companies either don’t get it or just don’t care. It is almost comical.

  2. Yeah,
    yesterday my dad asked me if I could help him with powerpoint. Apparently he has to watch slideshows for his job, and the office package that came with the computer wont accept his product ID. Now, mind you, he has had this computer for two years, and he uses word (shudder) all the time, but powerpoint won’t work for more than three seconds before asking for a product ID. The same product ID that is allowing Word to work all the time. Microsoft deserves what is coming to them (eventually).
    So I had to download powerpoint veiwer for him, and he has this certain workaround because things are so much harder to do on windows than a mac. I feel like not helping him until he gets a mac, but I feel bad for him. I think I am enabling his poor decision to keep that computer in the house, but I am trying to save him from being on the phone for three hours with microsoft phone help.
    Should I cut him off?

  3. Zune Tang, your monotonous monologues have achieved legendary status in tedium and boredom. Congratulations. If you had half the wittiness that you presume to have you wouldn’t resort to regurgitating the same wearisome theme.

  4. My son was forced to get a Windows PC (Lenovo brand) for his school this year. While I’ve worked a great deal with Windows in the corporate environment, I have never had anything up Macs at home, so it has indeed been a revelation having to be the tech support guy for this machine. I spend hours a week cleaning the multiple viri off his machine, and nothing works right: hard drives don’t mount, his iPod won’t synch completely with it, file transfers are unbelievably slow, etc.

    Each time we hit another Windows wall, my son and I just look at each other and shake our heads. I think I’d quit using computers if my experience was like this on a daily basis–thank God for Macs!

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