Palm CEO laughs off Apple ‘iPhone’ threat

“Is Apple serious competition?: Palm CEO Ed Colligan seems downright nonchalant about rumors that Apple may introduce a mobile phone to market in the coming year,” Sarah Jane Tribble and Dean Takahashi report for The San Jose Mercury News.

Tribble and Takahashi report, “Responding to questions from New York Times correspondent John Markoff at a Churchill Club breakfast gathering Thursday morning, Colligan laughed off the idea that any company — including the wildly popular Apple Computer — could easily win customers in the finicky smart-phone sector. ‘We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,’ he said. ‘PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Palm CEO Ed Colligan is in for a rude awakening.

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  1. Some people just take a little bit longer than others:
    ‘We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,’ he said. ‘PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.'”

    Replace phone with MP3 player, and you’ll have Creative’s attitude three years ago. I pity the poor folks who work for Palm; they’ll be the ones losing their jobs while this buffoon will walk away from the wreck with a wad of cash.

    MW: ‘full’, as in ‘full of sh*t’

  2. Oh yeah, the Palm CEO really knows what the hell he’s talking about — Palm is almost bankrupt, their stock was almost delisted a few years ago b/c their trading price fell under $1 a share until they had a *REVERSE* stock split of 1 to 25. They can not turn a profit. They haven’t updated their Palm Desktop software in years, they have the worst support on the planet. They have no idea what their customers need or want. Yeah, this guy is the real model of genius in this society.

  3. If Apple makes any real connection between the iPod and iPhone (whatever that can mean), AND IF, Apple makes their phone compatible with all services available in the USA and Europe, it will pretty much take over. But what I see is Apple releasing an excellent product that will work with T-Mobile and maybe one other US carrier, but be totally compatible with everything else in the world. So the iPhone will ultimately be a whimper in the US and maybe succeed overseas.

    I know I know, its way more complicated than that, like Verizon’s stick-in-the-mud, absolutist, control feak, milk every fraction of a penny from the customer way of doing business they do – but, without full carrier compatibility in the US, the iPhone will simply not be life altering like the iPod is. Cruel but obvious. Apple’s got to do something to make their iPhone compatible with all carriers.

  4. I have to a agree with this guy. This is not something you walk right into. This can go either way – massive success or horrible failure. I suspect he’s just nervous about this and he’s blowing smoke up our asses. Funny though how Palm is barely staying alive, so maybe he should watch what he says.

  5. Ed Colligan makes the mistake of assuming that Apple will be making a phone that’s just like all the others, but in a pretty white case. We know that there would be no point in doing that as there are already plenty of phones on the market. The problem is that there are plenty of poor phones on the market.

    What Apple always does is to focus very firmly on what people want to do with the product and how to improve the user experience. Nobody who reads MDN will be at all surprised if Apple approaches the concept of cellphones from a completely new perspective, however it will come as a huge surprise to Colligan.

  6. I have had more than 11 treo650’s in the past 18 or so months. Perhaps more but I lost count. I keep exchanging them becuase they crash, won’t turn on, … They are absolute junk. The reason I keep it is because my company supports email on this via Goodlink. Can’t wait for the iPhone.

  7. ‘We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,’ he said. ‘PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.'”

    Yeah, before iPod, Apple didn’t make mp3 players too.

  8. I hope that we are ALL in for a ‘rude awakening’.

    There are so many phones trying to do so many things that Apple can’t succeed by adding features. I think we me be shocked by what ISNT included. But what IS included I hope will be great and simple. I expect the iPhone will be so rude an awakening it will take us all a few months to realise its brilliance.

  9. It’s all good. Steve Jobs will note down that statement somewhere, then write a “well done team” email noting that the iPhone outsold Palm in its first year and Ed’s palm is pretty hairy.

  10. Apples been working on this since 2002 BOZO.

    They are just now ready to pounch on the competition.


    Because cell phone/MP3 players suck right now.

    I will drop Verizon in a minute for a Cingular/ichat phone.

  11. Hey lemmings, wake up!

    Two words: Windows Mobile. What consumers want is Windows everywhere. Windows, Windows, Windows, get it? Civilization owes a debt to Microsoft and their well designed, easy-to-use solutions. If you have Microsoft products everywhere, everything just works. Why would I want to break that up with Apple’s shoddy, rushed-to-market, difficult-to-use products? Get on board before it’s too late–Redmond has a plan, Cupertino doesn’t.

    Just as Zune will destroy the little iPod, WIndows Mobile + Palm will obliterate the iPhone. Apple doesn’t have a chance.

    Your potential. Our passion.

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