Xtorrent Public Beta 2 released

David Watanabe has released Xtorrent Public Beta 2 for testing. Xtorrent is an advanced Mac OS X torrent client that aims to bring a friendly interface and powerful features to the world of BitTorrent.

The largest change in Beta 2 is an under-the-hood overhaul of the downloads pane. The only visible manifestation currently is that the folder structure of downloading torrents can now be browsed, much like in the search pane. This rearchitecting work was done to lay a foundation for future advanced features and facilitate future integration work between the search pane, downloads pane, and (as of yet unreleased) RSS module.

More visibly, the swarm column in the search view has been redesigned, and can now be expanded to reveal a breakdown of seeds and leeches information instead of a single aggregate swarm size value. Finally, the Xtorrent window will now accept drag and dropped .torrents, and even provides a slick informational overlay view.

More info and download link (2.3MB) here.

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  1. Apparently if you use private trackers then this and other apps such as Transmission aren’t best suited due to some problem with the way they make requests to the tracker. I think, as with any app, it’s largely a matter of trying everything until you find something you like – especially if they’re (currently) free.

  2. David Watanabe is not a nice developer at all. I had my serial no. for Acquisition made invalid by him (message said I was using it on more than one machine which I wasn’t), when I emailed him about it he eventually replied and was rude and offensive, and refused to refund or give me a new serial no.

    Do a Google on his name and you will see I’m not the only one that’s been abused and ripped off by him.

    Do not buy his software until he changes his attitude.

  3. I endorse Xtorrent. No celebrity endorsement needed.

    It works good so far. I was using Azureus, but this one seems to be more friendly. Although I would be weary to purchasing it when the official release comes out…so far so good.

  4. I’ve heard a few bad stories about the developer, so that makes me a little weary of him.

    However, I bought Acquisition immediately because it’s the best p2p app out there, and it’s one of the most gorgeous Mac apps I’ve ever seen. Worth every single penny.

    XTorrent looks like it’s going to be great too. I highly recommend it.


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