Apple’s 2G iPod shuffle sees extremely high demand, 6 to 8 million units could be sold this quarter

“Apple Computer’s second-generation iPod shuffle is in extremely high demand this month with sales tracking in excess of 5 million for the quarter, AppleInsider has been told,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the matter say Apple executives are thrilled with the strong response to the diminutive 1GB flash-based digital music player, which recently eclipsed the iPod nano by rising to the forefront of the company’s top seller list,” Lane reports.

Lane reports, “The entry-level player is selling out at some resellers faster than Apple can provide fresh stock and, come the close of the holiday shopping season, could account for as many as 6 to 8 million unit sales, those same people claim.”

Full article here.

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  1. I GOT ONE!

    Sure it’s capacity is not nearly as large as my bigger iPods, but holy sheet! just look at the thing.

    It just clips right on and holds about 250 songs, it’s totally cool and it’s cheap(er) compared to the higher capacity more fragile models.

    By the way MDN In the Harrison Ford movie “Firewall”, he uses his daughters iPod in a hardware hack.

  2. Critic,

    I plan to do the same, only for the people who report to me at work. I always buy a little holiday gift to show appreciation for their hard work, and this year’s gift will be the iPod Shuffle. I wonder how many others will be buying these as client or employee gifts, or stock stuffers?

  3. I love that fopr years now, people keep predicting the iPod’s demise. They keep waiting for Apple’s history to repeat, likely because they don’t understand the details of how it occurred.

    Steve is aggressively going after/maintaining market share. If Macs continue to expand, expect the same.

    Good times, y’all. Good times. Of, except for Peterson under his new pseudonym.

  4. Brilliant innovation never has and never will depend on the approval of the masses; although sometimes, as now, the masses eventually catch on. If the world doesn’t blow up in the meantime, it should be a very sweet ride!

  5. JBR
    The “shuffle” isnt as high on the amazon list as I would have guessed #21 (with this article) ,

    check out the Zune, the black stool has fallen to #43, the brown and white arent even in the top 100 !!!!

    Oh, there are 12 differant iPod models selling better than the Zune

  6. The iPod shuffle is the best corporate gift for Christmas 2006 – de rigeur. An unnamed major French Bank in Australia is giving it to its staff. How cool is zat, eh?

    Evereebozee now: shoofle, shoofle, shoofle, shoofle! (cough)

    MW: developers

    Now what Microsofties and their key developers will be getting? Some ugly piece of brown merde.

  7. My girlfriend wanted one as soon as she saw the keynote, needless to say, she got one the day it came out. Everyone she has shown it too loves it and wants one as well. I personally know 2 people that have bought one just from her showing it off. This little thing is huge!

  8. Neil

    Nov 19, 06 – 06:48 pm

    “I saw a couple yesterday in Circiut City foolishly buying a Zune. They obviously don’t have a clue!”

    Neil, I saw them return it to the store this morning! Their dog started to incessantly scratch at his ear as zune as they walked in the house.

    MDN word “morning” ha ha

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