CNN ridicules Microsoft’s Zune while gushing over Apple’s new iPod shuffle

The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin visited CNN’s “Amercian Morning” show earlier today to visit with Miles O’Brien and Soledad O’Brien to discuss to Microsoft’s Zune.

What ensued was a comedy of sorts – unless you’re Microsoft, then it’s a tragedy – with choice moments including:
• After Sorkin describes the Zune and all of its glorious limitations (during which Miles O’Brien remarks, “Lot of fine print there”) including, “And, even worse, if you’ve bought songs on Napster or some of the former Microsoft-compliant devices [services], also doesn’t work here [Zune]. So, you have to start your library all over again…” Soledad asks, “So who do they think is going to buy this?”
• Sorkin trying to gin up an “iPod Backlash” theory
• Soledad, quickly tired and bored with Zune, asks, “May I show you my new iPod shuffle?”
• Sorkin perks up, “Now that’s the thing, that’s the thing… that’s a lot sexier than this, right?”
• Soledad shows her new iPod shuffle – this is during the Zune introduction segment, mind you – and says, “Hello? Hello? Look at this it weighs nothing, it literally is the size of a matchbook and weighs that. So, why would I buy that, heavy…”
• Sorkin, “You know Microsoft, in the end, I’m sure they’ll come out with something… I don’t know if it’ll be that pretty (referring to the shuffle that Soledad is clipping neatly to her lapel)… but something – isn’t that neat, oh my God (referring to Soledad’s iPod shuffle on her lapel)…
• Miles O’Brien asks, “Why don’t they [Microsoft] get some decent design people to make thing look better?”
• Sorkin responds with pained sigh and, “I, I…” as Miles O’Brien says of Zune, “It’s clunky, it’s clunky.” Sorkin concludes with, “No comment.”

See it for yourself:

CNN’s version (Windows Media Player required) is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “A.R.” for the heads up.]
It’s always “you know Microsoft, in the end, I’m sure they’ll come out with something…” Something to be like a Mac, something to be like an iPod, something to be like iTunes – just keep waiting. So, when does this “in the end” come? You know, where Microsoft finally gets it right? Puleeze. Microsoft gives it to their customers “in the end” ad infinitum. From what we just saw and heard on CNN, it looks like the world is finally waking up. There is no reason for Microsoft to have an iPod knockoff other than to satisfy their own egos. They are not advancing anything. Nobody outside of Microsoft wants a Zune. They screwed up their Mac knock-offs with Windows and now they’ve screwed up their iPod+iTunes knockoff with Zune. What’s the point anyway? Why does Microsoft exist exactly, to poorly translate Apple innovations for the Wal-Mart set? To provide their investors with a flat-lined stock price? To make crappy products to ensure jobs for IT guys? Why?

Life’s too short. Wake up. Save yourself unending aggravation and get the real thing. Get a Mac and an iPod+iTunes.

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  1. ok, apple beats microsoft and people gush. this doesn’t change the fact that no one actually watches video regularly on his/her own ipod. beyond music, there’s not much else to advance for in terms of mp3 players.

  2. Just finished watching the thing and it’s absolutely hilarious. Typically presenters on this sort of thing just kind of nod and go along with whatever the guest is saying since obviously they’ve not used the thing, they don’t know all about it. In this instance they’ve both come to the conclusion that they don’t like &/or want anything the zune has to offer. Brilliant. The only thing they expressed interest in – wifi – didn’t work remotely how they thought it would and they both seemed to think that how it did work was pretty stupid and restrictive. The zune isn’t some sort of bizarre tax write off or something is it?

  3. I still don’t know what to get for Christmas. I already own a 5g 30g iPod.
    Should I get a new core 2 duo Macbook,
    a refurbished 15″ Macbook Pro,
    or a 42″ Panasonic Plasma TV.
    Decisions, decisions!

  4. CNN has lost so much credibility in the journalism business that they’re resorting to undisclosed promotions? Come on.

    You’ve all seen “tech sopts” before.. they are paid for by the manufacturers. The “news” anchors do NOT, under any circumstances, ask questions they haven’t been told to, and they don’t proclaim the glory of competing products.

    It’s very clear this was orchestrated by Apple. “It does Email, right?” “No.” “It works with a server, right?” “No.” “Can I show you my shuffle?”

    This is weasely stuff. CNN has obviously sunk this low, but Apple should be above it.

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