VUUM Audio introduces a vacuum tube amplifier stereo system featuring iPod docking station

Future meet the past. The VUUM Audio vacuum tube amplifier stereo system provides audiophile quality sound in a hi-fi stereo system designed to work with your iPod, MP3 player and other audio components (CD, DVD players, Satellite receivers etc.). According to VUUM, the system delivers glowing sound with real bass, natural midrange and dynamic highs.

The CAD $799.99 system comprises of a vacuum tube amplifier (15W x2) with dual inputs, an adjustable iPod docking station that allows for charging of your iPod with video output to connect a video enabled iPod to your TV, a pair of speakers in a “piano finish” cabinet, 27 key full function remote control, dust brush and glove cleaning kit, RCA cables and a pair of high quality speakers cables with banana ends.

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  1. The Skipper: Gilligan, pedal faster.

    Professor: Skipper, we don’t have the correct gear ration to generate the power necessary to charge our iPod. In order to compensate for Gilligans weak, girly legs we need a new coconut gearing system.

    The Skipper: Faster, Gilligan, Faster

    – Cut to Gilligan (with sped up film sequence) speeding away into the lagoon with Ipod dragging behind.

    -end credits

  2. That appears to be a hybrid solid state amp with a vacuum tube driver stage … a proper 15 watt vacuum tube amp would be a lot bigger/heavier/more-awesome. My 15 watt tube amps weigh a total of ~60 lbs ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The Marshall Sound…only kidding.

    I already plug my iPod into my Marshall (all tube amp).

    CitizenX dont compare 15 watts tube with 15 watts solid state. While I can’t imagine that the speakers or power supply is capable of pushing a true 15 watts of sonic power through this little amp, what do I know.
    By comparison, my crappy little practice amp is a little Marshall 20 watt tube/solid state combo (AVT20) that’s just a single ECC83 valve in the preamp stage. I don’t mind saying It is mind crushingly loud.

    My main amp is a Marshall DSL50 (watts) head on a 4×12 cab, Is it loud? forget about it!!!

  4. No one here can tell the difference between 256 AAC and uncompressed CD audio. Period.

    So this amp would probably make your iPod sound wonderful.

    I didn’t realize just how good an iPod sounded ’til I picked up a pair of Etymotic ER4P’s. Wow, is all I can say.


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