Hands on with Windows Vista and Linux running on Apple Mac

“For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with Parallels Desktop for Mac OS X on my MacBook Pro, and I have to say, I’m impressed,” John Welch reports for EarthWeb’s Datamation.

“First, note that I said ‘working with’ instead of my usual verb for testing software, ‘playing with.’ That’s a deliberate choice, because I’ve been getting work done with Parallels from the start. Currently, I have two Virtual Machines for Windows, one running XP SP2, and the other running Vista RC 2. I’m in the process of creating a Linux VM running Ubuntu as I write this,” Welch reports.

“While I did set up my MacBook for Boot Camp, and installed Vista on that partition as well, I’ve not had to reboot into that partition in weeks. Parallels has been useful enough to me that I haven’t felt a reason to reboot just to test out Vista functionality, or things like IE 7 under Windows XP,” Welch reports. “It’s been as convenient as I’d hoped it would be, and with a couple of exceptions (like drag and drop of files to and from the VM and some other minor things), it’s as nice to use as Virtual PC Mac ever was, and obviously much faster.”

“Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when running Parallels. First, more is better,” Welch reports. “More CPU, more RAM, more hard drive space… Parallels is really quite usable on a MacBook Pro… It’s perhaps not as fast as Boot Camp, but then again, Parallels doesn’t make you reboot, so it’s a more than fair tradeoff. It really is an IT person’s best friend… In short, it’s probably the best eighty dollars I’ve spent since getting my MacBook Pro in August. If you have an Intel Mac, and need to run other OSes, regardless of reason, my advice is: run, don’t walk, and get Parallels.”

Full article here.

More info about Parallels Desktop for Mac: http://www.parallels.com/en/download/desktop/

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  1. Parallels lets you run a virtual Windows machine – I’ve been using it for months and it works great. The windows install acts like any other windows machine – so if you can configure a windows machine to log into a WS2003 domain then I would imagine you could do this with Parallels (but I haven’t tried it…)

    If I remember correctly you can try Parallels free for thirty days – try it out!

  2. WELL!!

    I guess every IT support person in the world who is worth their sh*t is going to get a MacBook Pro then to meet any needs.

    Of course Windows will dominate through assimulation eventually.

    The processor advantage is gone, it’s purely a OS war and Vista is supposely secure.

    God, I hope not.

  3. Rabid Dog,

    Believe whatever you want to believe, but its Mac OS X that will dominate through assimulation. Embrace and extinguish, as MDN terms it.

    I know this because every single Windows person I have introduced to Mac OS X prefers Mac OS X immensely. Vista is lipstick on a pig. I’ve been testing Vista and Tiger kills it in comparison. Leopard will annihilate it.

  4. I have an Intel iMac setup on one of our campuses with WinXP SP2, and it’s joined to a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain and it works beutifully. The teacher using it is new to the Mac platform, but is diving in and loving it!

    Hopefully before much longer (after this school year) I can wean her off of Windows completely (we have a few admin apps that are Windoze only – they’ll be gone soon), and she’ll never have to touch Windoze again.

    That’s one PC gone, I have about 500 more to go!

    Anybody want to buy a coupld of cheap PCs? I hear they make great dev machines if you like to code viruses and malware!

  5. Ubuntu is nice to play with. Unlike Windows or OS X, you can’t drag the title bar of a window below the bottom of the screen. I also like how it handles double-clicking the title bar: if you continue to hold down the mouse button on your second click, it shrinks the window into its pre-maximized size so that you can drag the window around.

  6. Suppose one were to use Parallels to run OS-X and Windows-2000. Since there is some virtualization going on, does one need to obtain the Windows-2000 drivers for the MAC hardware? If so, is it easy to find these drivers?. Your response will be appreciated..Thanks.

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