Freeverse to begin five days of new Mac announcements, free games, and $1,000 contest on Monday

Mac developer/publisher Freeverse today promised a “Big Week” of new software announcements and free games. Each day, starting on Monday, Freeverse will release a new title, give away a free Mac game or make an announcement. One of the announcements will be a contest with a $1,000 grand prize.

Ian Lynch Smith, President of Freeverse, said, “We’ve been working on lots of stuff and we’re very excited to share some news and give folks some games to play. See you on Monday!”

Check Freeverse’s website each morning next week for that day’s announcement:


  1. Freeverse games are SORETRO!</b> They hardly ever qualify as “new”. So … why do I have several on my various Macs? Because they are <i>FUN. They take an old formula – side-scrolling shooter, for example – and make it feel FRESH. They don’t bump up the adrenalin another notch, they knock you out of your chair laughing.

    3D Bridge is a great game – even if the bidding is sometimes a little strange and the game-play less than optimal. If you really wanted serious game-play, would you have chosen a monkey like Monty for a partner?

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