VMware ‘Fusion’ beta released – virtualization for Mac OS X

VMware has announced Fusion Friends and Family beta release. Fusion is the code name for the new VMware desktop product for Mac. VMware beta testers have begun to test the application already.

Interested in becoming a VMWare beta tester?

Love your Mac even more with the ability to simultaneously run any PC OS—Windows, Linux, NetWare and others—on Mac OS X. Switch between operating systems by easily tabbing between applications and share data between the two operating systems by dragging and dropping files on the fly—all without needing to reboot. What’s more, you can create virtual machines and run them on other VMware products or run any VMware virtual machine on your Mac.

Do even more with your Mac with the ability to run any of the more than 250 VMware virtual appliances—which provide robust solutions for security, network applications, databases, communications and business applications. Be among the first to try this new product from VMware when it is available later in the year.

More info and sign-up form here.

MacDailyNews Notee: Uh, VMWare, one thing about your website’s sign-up form page: it’s “Mac,” not “MAC.” You might want to get that one right before trying to sell products to Mac users.


  1. Wow, MDN, nice way to welcome them on board with the “crazed zealot” thing that the Adobe guy referred to earlier in the week.

    Given that they’re probably not going to read this page (none of us are as important as we believe in our imagination), the more constructive thing – which I do quite often – is provide feedback by contacting the Webmaster or whatever.

    Still, so long as you don’t mind being considered an ass…

  2. You people with stick up your ass need to go find another site where your “sensibilities” won’t be offended.

    If VMWare wants into the Mac world, they should get the basics right. It’s Mac, not “MAC.”

    An email to them wouldn’t change a damn thing, but being featured in an MDN Take probably will.

  3. When I think of “fusion”, I think of Weather Report.

    When I think of “con-fusion”, I think of Windows.

    When I think of “Confucius”, I think of Apple.

    When I think of “Amanda Peet”, wait, never mind.

  4. Dennis,

    Oooh, another tin-foil nutjob from Macintosh Jihad. How wonderful.

    Ever heard the expression you get more with honey than you do with vinegar? Ignoring the fact that this piece of homespun cornball was passed on my late mother, whose ability to confuse logic and intuition never ceased to amaze me, it’s a theory that works every time.

    One of my business partners spends days with your attitude and all he has to show for it is an ulcer; meantime, I use my system and have people who are normally obstructive and obtuse playing along with me.

  5. umm its a TYPO. the guy was prob holding down the shift key whlie typing MAC and OS X. or just never let go of it after typing MAC. Either way who cares. their website team is probebly independant of the people who make the actual VM ware. MDN is wrong and stupid for flipping out about this. unless of course, MDN NEVER EVER HAS ANY TYPOS EVER!?!?!

  6. Wow JB. What a retarded comment. if you knew anything about VMware you’d know they own the virtualisation market much to Microsoft’s chagrain. And now they’re going to show Parallels why. Which I have to admit I’m going to enjoy watching given that I’ve used VMware products in enterprise scenarios for years now and wouldn’t touch anything else with a barge pole if VM reliability means anything to you.

  7. Here’s the more important issue: NOTHING HAS BEEN RELEASED BY VMWARE! If you go to this link all you’ll see is the same page to pre-register for the Beta. They’re still only committing to release this beta “before the end of the year”.

    This is a complete non-story. Hey MDN, why did you run this page? NOTHING has changed. I’ve been waiting for this vaporware for months, and I still am. What news exists here?

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