Gates Foundation giving $46 million to SF firm to fight diarrhea

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is giving a San Francisco nonprofit pharmaceutical company 46 million dollars to expand its research on new treatments for diarrheal disease,” The Associated Press reports. “The grant goes to the Institute for OneWorld Health.”

Full article here.
What’s brown and squirts? Insert Zune jokes below.

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  1. Predictable take, MDN, and rather tasteless. Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death by disease in the world. Cholera for example kills tens of thousands of people in poorly sanitized conditions from refuges and such.

    Any research in this area that leads to any significant breakthroughs can and will literally save thousands of lives.

  2. Wow, MDN, now they won’t even let YOU try humor.

    Obviously the Gates should be applauded for their donation. That is a given. Now, as adults, why can’t we move past that and inject a little humor into the story without being so easily offended? Is every comment made now taken to mean you have absolutely no decency?

    Humor in a situation does not have to mean you are not aware of the plight of others, only that you are trying to get through life with a smile against all that goes against you.

    Lighten up, folks.

  3. Indeed, diarrhea is actually the number one cause of death for young children in many developing countries. More proof that MDN is run by kids who take a serious issue and turn it into a poop joke.

    This is not Mac news. This isn’t even Microsoft news.

  4. Oh, for the love of Gawd, lighten up, Jon, et al. Diarrhea IS funny in the context of the squirting Zune, so get over your bleeding heart concern for the world . . . and then wake up to the FACT that $46 million isn’t going to put even the smallest dent in a problem of the magnitude you cite! This is just another example of the west’s BIG HEART/SMALL MIND complex, for no amount of money can begin to cure the ills of this world. Confiscate ALL of Bill and Melinda’s wealth, spread it around and among the suffering, unwashed masses of this planet–and not one damned thing will change. Of course, THINKING it will makes everyone feel better about himself, doesn’t it? (FLASHBACK: I wonder how the beneficiaries of Bob Geldof’s largess of past decades are doing right now. Living in comfort and happiness, I’d wager.)

  5. TowerTone, I hardly jump down MDN’s throat at every tasteless joke


    1. The Zune Joke is old and has been run into the ground.
    2. The research on Diarrhea while not very glamorous is extremely important for public health and will save lives.
    3. While I am no fan of Bill Gates, I applaud him for this, it’s not something that’s going to get lots of glamorous kudos, but it really is important to impoverished nations.

  6. Randian,

    I have my views, you have yours. I do not feel I need to lighten up I never attacked you, I didn’t even attack MDN, I simply stated the joke was tasteless, and it was.

    It was a vulgar and tasteless juvenile joke. Sometimes those types of jokes are funny, I don’t feel this one was, and as stated, the joke has already been run into the ground and is well on it’s way to China here at MDN.

    Have a nice day.

  7. twilightmoon

    That is all a given.
    My point is, what is wrong with saying something like Bill Gates has sold shit for years and now he is trying to stop it..?

    Does that mean I hate kids in Africa? Of course not.

    And I am not saying their life is a laughing matter. However, some peoples kneejerk reactions, and I’m not saying yours is, are made to make that person feel superior for being able “to see the big picture while others only laugh”

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