Acer: Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Basic is a lemon

“Leading PC manufacturer Acer has accused Microsoft of ratcheting up the cost of Windows by effectively forcing consumers to opt for the Premium version of Vista,” Jon Honeyball and Barry Collins report for PC Pro.

Honeyball and Collins report, “Acer claims that the Vista Home Basic – the new entry-level Windows – is so poorly featured that consumers will simply reject it. ‘The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won’t feel it at all,’ said Jim Wong, senior corporate vice president at Acer. ‘There’s no [Aero] graphics, no Media Center, no remote control.'”

“Wong claims that the manufacturer’s licence for Vista Home Premium is 10% more expensive than for XP Home… As a result, he claims the total cost of building a PC has risen by 1-2%, which is a significant increase in such a low-margin business… Acer isn’t the first PC manufacturer to complain about the inadequacies of Vista Home Basic. Other OEMs, including Evesham Technology, have told PC Pro that they have no plans to ship that version on their PCs as they feel there will be no consumer demand,” Honeyball and Collins report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The whole Vista mess is a lemon. It’s Windows. Duh. When life presents you with a lemon, grab an Apple instead: Get a Mac, it’s awesome out of the box.

Other computers include software, it’s true. But once you start using that software, you find that you’re hobbled in some way or another. Software included with the Mac, on the other hand, is critically acclaimed as best in class. – Apple.

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  1. Just remember, Peter… two Wongs don’t make a right.. 😀

    When I read the limitations of Vista Basic, even though I’m used to Microsoft suckage, and even though I know Vista is the ultimate expression of six years of suckage in development… EVEN THEN, I’m still in shock and awe.

    Only address 256 MB of memory?
    Only run 3 applications at once?

    What possible REASON for these “features” could there be? I mean, these aren’t some fance “features” that were cut out for the cheap people, these are artificial limitations imposed simply to make the experience worse for the cheap losers.

    When you start this process of actually treating your customers like the cheap losers that you think they are, you are finished. I have to say, wishful thinking aside, I really now believe in my heart that Microsoft is on the big slide down to oblivion. I don’t know how long it takes to waste away several hundred billion in market cap, but I guess we’ll find out soon. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Whenever I buy a new Windows PC for work (or have to re-install the OS on a current PC), I completely wipe out all the bundled software and install freeware or open source software. The bundled software is always inadequate: demos, feature-limited “special edition” versions, or unknown software that never gets updated. Good thing I have Mac at home. I only had to uninstall a few items.

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