Mac Expo evicts Greenpeace campaigners

“Greenpeace campaigners have been booted out of MacExpo in London after other exhibitors complained about their activities at the show,” Chris Williams reports for Infoshop News.

Williams reports, “MacExpo marketing director Matt Denton said Greenpeace were warned not to take photographs at other stands, and to stick to handing out leaflets on their own pitch. He said: ‘It was a valid stand with a valid message… they breached their contract.'”

“The Green My Apple stand will remain shuttered for the rest of the Expo, which runs until Saturday. Denton said the organisers would not be returning any of Greenpeace’s exhibitor fee,” Williams reports.

Williams reports, “Greenpeace volunteers have vowed to flout the ban tomorrow and return to MacExpo to continue the campaign without a stall.”

Full article here.
These Greenpeaceniks might have a point if Apple was some massive polluter instead of just a very a popular brand name which these militant “environmentalists” are using to generate free publicity. We’re all for a cleaner environment, but Apple ought to charge Greenpeace a PR fee. Apple doesn’t sell dirty CRT monitors, like certain cheapo Windows-centric PC box assemblers. Apple uses rechargeable batteries in iPods, instead of having millions of users constantly tossing AA batteries into landfills. Apple even offers purchasers of Apple Macs and Apple monitors free recycling of their old computer and monitor — regardless of manufacturer. The list goes on. Really, come on, Greenpeace, you’re as transparent as a lying three-year-old: quit trying to ride Apple’s coattails and get a life.

Information on Apple’s recycling programs and industry-leading environmental policies is available online at

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  1. Man, if we could all just share this peyote and hold hands, I’m sure we could see into each others souls and reveal the inner beauty that is within all of us to-oh fsck it, the goddam cell phone is ringing again.

  2. What does it matter? The human race will be dead in 100 years anyway. We’re too stupid to survive.

    Really? It’s 100 years now?

    For the last 40-some years we’ve been “within” 10-20 years of environmental disaster and extinction. Hasn’t happened.

    As for Apple, Greenpeace really needs to find a worthier target to protest (never mind that Greenpeace has long been a fringe kook group; the NRA has more credibility). If they think Apple and a few iSights are bad, they’re absolutely clueless on how the large-scale industrial world operates.

  3. “For the last 40-some years we’ve been “within” 10-20 years of environmental disaster and extinction. Hasn’t happened.”

    Some bad things have happened. For instance, the environmentalists had DDT banned, which led to hundreds of thousands of malaria deaths. Only recently did we discover that the reasons for the ban weren’t true.

    They also got CFCs taken out of products, and recommended replacements which recently were discovered to be more pollutant than what they replaced.

    They fight the Alaska and other domestic drilling, which causes us to bring oil in on giant boats like the Exxon Valdez.

    They promised that recycling would clean up our landfills, and save money. It ended up costing much, much more.

    The enviro-nuts have quite a track record.

  4. Never have I seen a group of people followed so blindly. When I was a kid it was global cooling, then it was acid rain, then it was erosion, now it’s global warming.

    The unprecedented 3″ of snow I got last night makes me wish for some global warming.

  5. Mike K.:

    It is generally acceptable to say something like Greenpeace are right if you specifically mean to refer to the individuals within the group and not just the group itself. Semantically, speaking, John’s sentence effectively means, those Greenpeace activists are right.

  6. Grennpeace must change the name to red violence, those guys recieve donatives so they can travell over the world acting like if there are no rules for them. They are just that, a bouch of guys having fun.

  7. OK. since there is a rather large proportion of liberal in the mac community – I think you better keep those facist tree huggers in line before you start bashing conservatives.

    not to say that conservatives are much better at times, but when I sit here reading the vitriol here, it is like watching the kettle calling the pot black. never have I seen more of a bunch of hypocrits.

    of course, some of the language and grammar I see posted here reminds me of a bunch of 1st graders calling each other names. pathetic.

    email me if you wish, I would love to see the excuses that some the most flagrant abusers come up with – and you know who you are. at least try to be creative ande cerebral for a change.

    flame away!

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