Apple releases MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.1, addresses issues with random shutdowns

Apple today released MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.1 which “improves the MacBook’s internal monitoring system and addresses issues with unexpected shutdowns. This update is recommended for all MacBook systems, including those that received warranty repair.”

If your MacBook shuts down randomly during use, Apple says this downloadable firmware update is now available that resolves this issue.

You can use the Software Update feature of System Preferences, or download the MacBook SMC Firmware Update v1.1 from Apple Software Download.

If your MacBook is running Mac OS X 10.4.6, you won’t be able to install the SMC Update until you update to Mac OS X 10.4.8.

MacBooks running Mac OS X 10.4.7 will be able to download and install the SMC Update, so it is not essential that you update your system software, although Apple always recommends updating to the latest version of the system software.

After this update has completed successfully, your SMC Version will be: 1.4f12.

The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process.

Here are the instructions within the updater:

To update the SMC firmware on your MacBook:
Your computer’s power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source.
1. Quit all other open applications.
2. Click Restart in the MacBook SMC Firmware Update window and wait for your computer to restart.

The SMC firmware update starts automatically. A status bar indicates the progress of the update. During the update your computer fans will run at full speed, but will return to normal once the update completes.

Important: Do not interrupt the update.

Your computer restarts automatically when the update is completed and opens the MacBook SMC Firmware Update.

3. Click OK. The SMC firmware is now up-to-date.

If these instructions appear on your screen again, the SMC firmware update was not successful. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

More info and download link here.

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  1. Sonuvabitch. This puts quite a crimp in my class action plans that would ultimately result in lining lawyers’ pockets while accomplishing little or nothing for myself and other consumers.

    Excuse me, I have to get back to purposely scratching – uh, I mean, “normally using” my iPod nano.

  2. That’s cool but really too bad. I talked my buddy into getting a MacBook around 3 months back and he loved it. Problem was he became frustrated with the random shutdowns and he finally got them to take it back. Bummer. Maybe I can talk him back into one now. Probably not though. Tough experience for a first time convert. 🙁

  3. Carlo’s idea of an Apple Firmware update:

    “If your MacBook shuts down randomly during use, a downloadable firmware update is now available that does not resolve the issue. We have not found a reliable solution to the problem. However, our customers believe we should release half-baked, untested updates as soon as possible compared to something reliable later.”

  4. i’ve never had this problem. hopefully things go well *knock on wood after the update..

    Having said that, the last update to the firmware made an AMAZING difference in cooling the Macbook…

  5. I wonder how many Macbooks were affected by this?
    If it was a large proportion of sales, then this is going to give a bad impression (lasting) to the new converts…not something we need now that Apple is sellling more Macs than ever

    Hope not…..

  6. There’s no way a software update can fix metled hardware. The heatsinks within macbooks experiencing RSS went bad because the insulation around the wiring (going from the heatsink to the logic board) melted. There’s no way in hell that a software update is going to fix melted wires. If you ask me, Apple either added or took out a line of code which disables a portion of the functionality of the heatsink. Personally, I’d like to know if my hardware has gone bad or not.

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