Sony delays LocationFree TV box

“Sony on Friday delayed the rollout of a product promised for next week to do more tests, in its latest embarrassment, a day after lowering its earnings forecast because of a massive battery recall and manufacturing delays,” Yuri Kageyama reports for The Associated Press.

“Sony, which has already delayed the PlayStation 3 next-generation video game console for the European market by four months, said it was delaying the sales date of LocationFree TV Box LF-Box1, which streams TV shows wirelessly to other gadgets,” Kageyama reports.

“In Japan, shipping was postponed from Oct. 27 to Nov. 17, the company said in a statement,” Kageyama reports. “In the U.S., a new shipping date has not been set, but it had been promised for sometime in October, Sony spokeswoman Natsuki Eto said.”

Kageyama reports, “Akira Amari, [Japan’s] minister of economy, trade and industry, told reporters he hoped Sony would recover its brand image soon. ‘What has become of the Sony known for its technology?’ asked Amari, a former Sony employee.”

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  1. I used to love Sony. They had amazing products and had the cachet that Apple now has with everyone looking forward to their next innovation.
    Now they are lucky if they manage to roll a product out at all. This is about EXECUTION…and about market knowledge. They can’t claim to be the master of either.

  2. Common Sony, pick yourself up and dust yourself down.

    There’s a party going on. Didn’t you know?

    You’ll like it, ‘cos Microsoft ain’t invited..!

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  3. Poor Sony…

    A once great electronics company currently plagued with product delays and postponements… and crappy products.

    As ‘pr’ said, they are no longer able to execute.

    Sony is currently floundering and is in dire need of a visionary director/leader that can help them consolidate thier energy and re-focus on their core businesses.

    They currently have their fingers in way too many pies; they need to streamline their product line (and do fewer things well) or they will continue thier downward spiral into the porcelain abyss.

  4. I agree with fandango. They need to become more focused. Dump a lot of the junk like Sharp did – it really helped them to survive. I think about the only thing I might buy from Sony would be one of their camcorders.

  5. ‘What has become of the Sony known for its technology?’ asked Amari

    I’ll tell you what has happened: Sony has adopted a business model driven by MPAA- and RIAA-esque modes of thinking, not by tech innovation.

    If Sony wants to really shine again, then they need to sell off there content business, and re-focus on technology. But, they’ll never do it. Why? Because the “marketing guy” is in charge.

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