Turn your Apple iPod into a DVR with iRecord

In one touch, iRecord allows users to record movies and TV shows directly to Apple iPod without the hassle of a computer involved in-between. iRecord is a Personal Media Recorder that records video and audio data onto USB mass storage devices, including the Apple iPod and Sony PlayStation.

iRecord hooks up to a DVD player, VCR, TV, STB or any other analog video source. Just press iRecord’s record button to record directly to your iPod. Users can then playback the recorded contents on iPod with no other steps involved.

iRecord uses “state of the art patent-pending compression techniques” allowing for 3 hours of video/audio recording per GB. It uses H.264/AVC for video encoding and AAC for audio encoding. Music only recording is supported by MP3 audio compression to be compatible with a wide variety of MP3 players. In addition, iRecord offers a USB port so that it can be easily updated when new product features are made available.

iRecord Box Contents :
1. iRecord device.
2. S-video cable.
3. RCA Audio/Video cable.
4. Power adapter.
5. User Manual and Quick Start Guide.

iRecord retails for US$199.99 and supports both Windows and Macintosh iPods along with Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP).

More info here.
Now all we need is a robot arm on a timer to press the button.


  1. Doesn’t have a timer, according to the web site, which has a limited specification description, but I don’t think this is overpriced at all- it’s remarkably what the iTV appeared to be at first look, ain’t it? Rigging up some sort of timed actuation might not be trivial, but it doesn’t appear impossible. I’m not particularly pleased with the buttons on the top, however.

  2. I’ve never really had a problem with the whole i-thingy moniker, but for no particular reason that I’m consciously aware of, this product just pushed me over the edge. Enough with the ishit!

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