Apple’s ‘School Night at the Apple Store’ passes 2,000 schools mark

“School Night at the Apple Store” digital talent shows are designed for students in grades K-12 in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to showcase the projects they’ve projects created using Apple technology. “School Night at the Apple Store” events happen Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Over 2,000 schools have already showcased the creativity of their students during “School Night at the Apple Store.”

Your students have spent countless hours creating digital projects. They’ve learned how to edit presentations with iMovie and iPhoto, write music, create websites, jam to their own podcasts in GarageBand, and show it all off on their iPod. And best of all, they’ve had fun learning. Now you can give these projects the audience they deserve. Invite parents, students, friends, and teachers to join us at the Apple Store for an evening presentation. Then watch the place spring to life with projects like historical documentaries, poetry books, digital science reports, original music recordings, and so much more. – Apple Computer, Inc.

Find out more, see video of an actual School Night at the Apple Store event (Lenox Square, Atlanta), and sign up your school here.


  1. I’m going to sue!. Every kid in the foreground is caucasian. No diversity. Any national publication should abide by the Federal Government’s “Guidelines for Depiction of School Children”

    This handbook CLEARLY states that if you depict a single school child, he or she must be black. If two children are depicted, one must have one black child and one child that is of ambiguous race and ethnicity (rather white, rather hispanic). If three children are depicted: Black, white, asian. If four children are depicted: black, white, hispanic, asian. And finally, if five children are depicted: black, white, hispanic, asian, and the fifth kid is white, however he’s gotta be an unattractive, red-headed boy with lots of freckles.

    Funny, my “MDN Magic Word” was “left” (no kidding!)

  2. Jesse
    I understand the need for racial representation. Too bad it cannot be actual, as in 6 whites, 1 black, 1 latino, 1 mixed black and Latin (you don’t want to see half a black and half a latino kid, hence the mix) and one oriental/other. I guess it would blow peoples mind to know how many of who there really is. America isn’t Sesame Street.

    my MW is color. Hah!

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