More Microsoft Zune myths explored

“The latest iPod Killer from Microsoft has raised a lot of questions,” Daniel Eran writes for RughlyDrafted. “Here’s part two of why many analysts are getting it all wrong.”

On Wednesday, Eran presented his first 5 Myths of Zune:
1: Microsoft’s iPod killer is … Zuma
2: Zune makes a good verb
3 : The Zune isn’t just another poorly constructed piece of crap
4: Microsoft can work out their iPod Killer’s kinks over the next few years
5: Microsoft can afford an extended failure

With today’s installment, Eran covers his Myths of Zune 6-10:
6. Microsoft’s reputation for crushing competition will help the Zune.
7. Zune only competes against the iPod, not PlaysForSure Players
8. Zune pioneers novel sharing features
9. Wireless networking is a good way to squirt songs
10. From a Digg Zune fan: “a single song [squirt] takes about 7 seconds (if not less) and a full album about 30 seconds”

Full article here.

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  1. In case you didn’t know yet, Vista (no matter how awful it really is) will kill this talk. Dead. Apple is going to have to be satisfied with single digit market share now and forever.

    Really, better for the Mac faithful – maybe it will keep Apple from tumbling into the trap of mass producing a slew of mediocre machines all lined up on the shelf with Dells, HPs, etc., etc.

    The future: a larger tiny hand held moving picture box called the iPod Video you can control by touching the screen. Oh, and you can make telephone calls with it. And, take low res pictures of your pouch.

  2. “a single song [squirt] takes about 7 seconds (if not less) and a full album about 30 seconds”

    One song takes 7 seconds to download and yet an entire album is downloaded in only 30 seconds.

    There are four possibilities that immediately come to mind.

    1) There is something wrong with my understanding of mathematics

    2) They use albums with only four tracks on them.

    3) Vapourware downloads at variable rates compared to real music

    4) They are telling lies

    My hunch is to go with #4

  3. The troll above, whether he calls himself “Peterson” or “Stock Boy” or “SELL SELL SELL,” or “Sputnik” is really just a 14 year-old whose favorite pastime is coprophagia . . . which explains his professed love for the TurdZune.

    Uh, and by the way, troll . . . has the “TZ” shipped yet? No? Hmmm.

    The New Math of the Computing World: MS = VaporVista, VaporZune, and all other things gone with the wind (as in “Plays For Sure”).

  4. Here we go again…

    Peterson, you are an idiot Microsoft public relations department disaster area..

    In case you haven’t got it yet, the damage has been done, there is nothing you can do about it, so crawl back into your Windows world and weep…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”hmmm” style=”border:0;” />

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