Microsoft Vista already raising the hackles of many consumers

“Microsoft’s Vista is still months away from formal release, but the next version of Windows is already raising the hackles of many consumers,” Steven Musil reports for CNET News.

“Under changes to Microsoft’s licensing terms, buyers of retail copies of Vista will be able to transfer their software to a new machine only once. If they want to move their software a second time, they will have to buy a new copy of the operating system. In the past, those who bought a retail copy of Windows needed to uninstall it before moving it to another machine, but there was no limit to how many times this could be done,” Musil reports.

“‘How much longer will consumers allow Microsoft to bully them?’ one CNET reader wrote in the TalkBack forum. ‘It is precisely because of actions like these that Microsoft products will be hacked more than ever,'” Musil reports.

Musil reports, “Security companies also have been crying foul over the new OS–and they might have been heard if only they had gotten into a meeting scheduled to field their complaints. Microsoft had set up such a meeting with security companies to discuss some of the changes it has promised to make to Windows Vista in response to competitive concerns. But the conference, which used Microsoft’s Live Meeting technology, crashed about 15 minutes after it started, and both Symantec and McAfee were unable to log back in.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get a Mac. It just works.

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  1. I can’t believe MDN didn’t go anywhere else with their take. I think this is just about the best ilustration of MS incomepetence I’ve ever heard of. Using their own software, on their own platform during an important meeting with people who try to clean up their mistakes, bam! another failure.

  2. It absolutely boggles my mind (and “boggle” is a very mild way of explaining my confusion) as to how and why people put up with this kind of garbage. Seriously. Buying a computer with Windows on it is completely identical to bringing a pile of fresh steaming manure into your house. Why do people do it?

    I wouldn’t bring manure into my house. Why would I bring Windows into my house? I’m so flabbergasted and stunned by all the negative reaction to Macs and yet they all get upset and frustrated daily at all the problems on their Windows computer.

    Am I the only one who sees the inconsitency here?

  3. “…Microsoft’s Live Meeting technology crashed about 15 minutes after it started, and both Symantec and McAfee were unable to log back in.”

    Like shooting fish in a barrel, the jokes write themselves!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Bill Gates, Hurry up on getting out of microsoft and take Steve Balmer with you or you are not going to left any microsoft to the rest of the shareholders….
    Have any one see the Spech regongnition failure? and the Media center failure with Conan O’Brian? and the Plug and Pray failure of win 95? and…. and… and… and….

  5. Jim – thou art a nerd. Yet thou art correct. These Windows pigeons are very ill and need to be cured.

    Anyway, yes…I need the video of this. But I need the video of this from all sides. I want to see the frustration and anger on the McAfee and Norton peoples’ faces.

  6. But the conference, which used Microsoft’s Live Meeting technology, crashed about 15 minutes after it started, and both Symantec and McAfee were unable to log back in.”

    Now we will discuss a New Order of the multi-billion dollar anti-virus market with me, Steve Ballmer as the ultimate ruler.

    Anyone else care to drop out?

  7. Wow! I just went out to C|Net and read the comments to the linked article. Whereas most C|Net articles usually have a bunch of “Macs Suck” comments and whining about “Mac fan boys”, this one did not. It did have a lot of guys stating that they are now thinking about switching to Mac or Linux. Very cool!

  8. Even Windows users might feel the mpact of being slapped across the face for the thousand’th time.

    This has to be the funniest example ever of MS incompetence. Symantec et al must be wondering if they should stay in the business if they base their business on such a hopeless business as MS…!

  9. Microsoft’s Live Meeting technology, crashed about 15 minutes after it started, and both Symantec and McAfee were unable to log back in

    So none of these companies were capable of a CONFERENCE CALL?

    The Windows world is truly dumbing itself to death. And we thought PowerPoint was bad.

    Unless of course MS “crashed” Live Meeting intentionally, as a f-you to the vendors and their concerns. And even if Live Meeting blew itself up, hosting an important conference over crapware qualifies as an intentional crash.

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