Apple MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo model to ship this month?

MacGadget (Germany) is reporting the following (rough English translation thanks to MacDailyNews reader “g.h.” and Americanized by us):

“MacGadget has information that Apple is preparing the introduction of new MacBook Pro model in the near future. An announcement from the Cupertino-based Mac-maker could be made as soon as next week. The main change to the MacBook Pro is, of course, the Core 2 Duo processor from Intel. Other news could be: FireWire 800 in all models, bigger HD, faster graphics cards as well as faster DVD burners. There has been speculation about this upgrade for quite some time. In September, Apple upgraded the iMac to Core 2 Duo. Whether the consumer MacBook will be updated to Core 2 Duo this year remains unclear but possible.”

Full article (in German) here.

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  1. Hopefully Apple will incorporate some of the new MacBook features in the MBP – like the magnetic power cord and especially the magnetic latching system to keep the display closed – mine in ready for a third latch.

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