AllOfMP3 ‘close to breathing its last’ as Visa and Mastercard stop accepting transactions

“Russian music site of questionable legality AllOfMP3 may well be close to breathing its last. Credit card companies Visa and Mastercard have stopped accepting credit card transactions for the site,” Mark Mulligan blogs for JupiterResearch.

“AllOfMP3 have persistently sailed as close the wind as is humanly possible and claim legality through some creative interpretation of Russian copyright laws that the music industry refutes,” Mulligan writes.

“Without going into too much detail, the dispute centres around the authority of the new media license granting body in Russia to grant license on behalf of record labels and also around the much smaller license fees paid compared with standard licenses. Though AllOfMP3 claim to be catering for a Russian audience, they have clearly got their sights set on a wider audience and indeed usage is driven from Western Europe and beyond,” Mulligan writes.

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  1. AllOfMP3 ‘close to breathing its last’ as Visa and Mastercard stop accepting transactions


    Say that again, please. I haven’t had a good laugh all week.

    AllOfMP3 ‘close to breathing its last’ as Visa and Mastercard stop accepting transactions

    Hahahahaha! Oh good, thanks…


  2. Interesting interpretation, zerO. I think that the truth is that you and others that think that it’s OK to purchase from a company that clearly does not have the rights to sell (i.e. pirating) because you find it convenient. Therefore, you are rationalizing in your own mind that it is legal and OK. In reality, you are buying illegal bootlegged merchandise. It doesn’t make it any less legal because you are paying someone for it. That “someone” doesn’t have the rights to the music in the first place. That’s like me selling you the Brooklyn Bridge.

  3. Remember, currently the only method for stripping off the Fairplay DRM is to burn to a audio cd and rip back into Mp3.

    BlueRay DVD burners can’t burn audio cd’s.

    Just imagine those becoming standard in consumer Mac’s.

    Oh yea.

  4. Jimbo, since when are you an expert (let alone even remotely well versed) in Russian Information Property Law? The entity who “has the right to sell” is declared solely at the discretion of the jurisdiction within which the transaction takes place.

  5. Wrong, Cog.
    Even if the Russian government (or any other government) authorizes theft, it’s still theft. Taking someone else’s property without their permission is theft, regardless of what anyone else says. The Russian government is starting to resemble nothing but organized crime. Perhaps when the Russian government becomes brazen enough to steal directly from the Russian people in broad daylight they will wake up to it, but by then it will be too late for them to do anything about it. Too bad. Ultimately, however, democracy depends on a people who love their freedom more than the acquisition of wealth or national “power.”

  6. Cog you ignorant slut!

    Learn the difference between what a former-communist-dictatorial-dinosaur of a country deems appropriate versus what the rest of the civilized world says. Russia will have to come onboard with standard international copyright treaties or else they will be left behind in the market place. Same thing will happen to China. Eventually.

  7. Russia and its former dictatorship… The “USSR” tried to dictate to its people. We all which nation and its 260 million people now tries to dictate to the rest of the world, don’t we?

    And in the Music industry, who tries to dictate its agenda?

    Using “communism” as part and parcel in ultimate evil or as a buzzword does little, I’m afraid.

    Capitalism is really no better, it’s just different people who get screwed in different ways… there is NO perfect government structure yet.

  8. If Russia and China had ANYTHING to offer the world musically I might respect them a teeny-tiny bit. But since neither country has even an ounce of performing talent by Western standards, they have to STEAL it!

    Here’s an idea, Comrades: Develop your OWN Madonna, your OWN 50 Cent, your OWN Rod Stewart, and then sell THEIR music for pennies, OK?

    Thieving SOB’s!

  9. Pull your head out of your ass, gorufo! I’m sure there’s plenty of room, but de view is probably pretty bad.

    If any of these AllofMP3 bitches bootleg my top-selling CD, Come Poop With Me, I’m going to sic my lawyers on them faster than Jacko invites kids to “ride de Magic Mountain” at Neverland Ranch.

    Hey listen, I love humping as much as de next red-blooded American canine, but getting humped by scumbags is no picnic. And thievery makes my ballsack itch.

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