RUMOR: Apple to debut touchscreen iPod this December

“The iPod/iPhone rumour mill is something so clouded that as TR News Ed I made the executive decision to circumvent the vast majority of it a long time ago, but yesterday I had a conversation with an extremely well informed exec which I’m going to share,” Gordon Kelly reports for TrustedReviews.

“Naturally the identity of this friendly and talkative fellow has to stay a closely guarded secret but he works in a multinational company that develops iPod products and which sport ‘Made For iPod’ accreditation and the info flowed after I questioned the value of one of his company’s new iPod accessories,” Kelly reports.

“In a very matter of fact tone I was told that the product was not designed for the current generation of device, but the official 6G iPod (fanboy art above – the current generation is referred to as 5.5) which is to be released in December. His company’s device only come onto the market shortly before then and would benefit hugely because the new iPod would sport a screen that filled the full side of the device and consequently offer higher resolution video,” Kelly reports.

“He explained that Apple had told him 480p content (the lowest standard of High Definition) was the target but could only promise whatever did appear would be of a much greater quality than is used today. When I enquired about the control method he confirmed it would be virtual (see official Apple patent application above) and that essentially Apple was finally delivering the type of device we’ve seen journos (including myself) talk about since the turn of the year. ‘This is why Jobs isn’t afraid of the Zune,’ he said, though he had no knowledge of whether wireless would make an appearance,” Kelly reports.

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Tantalizing. And Jobs isn’t afraid of the Zune because two tin cans tied together with a string offer better sharing features than those that Microsoft is pushing as Zune’s main selling point. Also because he could open up FairPlay licensing at any time he chooses. As we all know, FairPlay licensing kills Zunes dead.

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  1. MDN – are you hinting that the new iPod will also have a RAID array capability for commercial users?

    ‘Cause only ‘Raid’ kills Zune Dead. (that’s a copyrighted fact) (and yes, Zune will be buggy enough).

    I’m sure that the first time some tweener in a shopping mall gets an indecent proposal via Zune’s wireless capability, MicroShyte will be forced to disable the whole feature or at least hobble it to the point it is no longer fun, but a chore, like everything else microsoft.

    MW = present (my birthday’s in 4 days… hint,hint)

  2. The longer it takes Zune to die, the more pain it will cause Microsoft. Kinda like being gutshot. Or worse, being John Mark Karr’s parents.

    Also, December is pushing it for the Christmas season. Let’s hope it’s announced in November and on the shelf 12/1

  3. apple does not share advance knowledge of products with anyone, so definitely take it with a grain of salt. Only respected journalists or publications (walt Moss…. & Time Magazine) get advance showings. So to think a “made for iPod” company exec would have knowledge and risk going against a NDA would be highly unlikely.

  4. “Also because he could open up FairPlay licensing at any time he chooses. As we all know, FairPlay licensing kills Zunes dead”

    Couldn’t Microsoft license FairPlay for their media player? Then they could sell a $99 Zune to cut into iPod sales?

  5. Um this is bullshit…with all the negative press about the scratching issues on the old nanos why would they make the whole thing a screen and invite more scratch issues and FUD? Makes no sense to me. I say if you want a bigger screen get a friggin computer already.

  6. Steve will announce the true Video iPod the day the Zune launches (which is Nov 14th?).

    It’s what I’d do. The true video iPod was going to be launched at the last refresh, because this was roughly when the Zune was going to be released.

    When it wasn’t, Steve decided to hold off, but simply announced a price cut, which was a bullet wound in the leg for the Zune.

    Microsoft thinks it’s got away with it, the wound is healing ok, but Steve holding back the secret weapon.

    Imagine if on the morning of the Zune launch, all the press are a little distracted by the fact that Apple have just released the true Video iPod.

    That would be the bullet in the head for the Zune.

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