Apple announces FY 06 fourth quarter results conference call webcast

Apple today announced the company’s FY 06 fourth quarter results conference call will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2006, 2pm PDT/5pm EDT and audio webcast live via QuickTime.

Apple will provide live audio streaming of its FY 06 Fourth Quarter Results Conference Call utilizing Apple’s industry-leading QuickTime multimedia software.

The live audio webcast will be accessible through Apple’s web site:

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s 2006 earnings and unit sales information through Q3:
• Q1 (ended 12/31/05): revenue of $5.75 billion, net quarterly profit of $565 million, 1.254 million Macs, 14.043 million iPods
• Q2 (ended 04/01/06): revenue of $4.36 billion, net quarterly profit of $410 million, 1.112 million Macs, 08.526 million iPods
• Q3 (ended 07/01/06): revenue of $4.37 billion, net quarterly profit of $472 million, 1.327 million Macs, 08.111 million iPods

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  1. All these glowing reports before the results just mean that all the good news is going to be worked into the stock price before the announcements. The best that Apple stockholders can hope for is that the earnings are good enough that the stock holds that pre-announcement value. (Of course, that assumes that Apple won’t wildly beat estimates by, for example, selling 2 million Macs in the quarter or something. Extremely unlikely.)

  2. A good report = good news for us shareholders, very bad news for us customers.

    It means we will continue to see Apple hardware and software products and, mostly, customer care continue to decline into mediocrity.

    Pretty soon we will be able to brag about how our company is as good as MSoft!

    Maybe the Mac guy will say to PC that he has finally become just as good.

    Stock prices follow such trends, so keep your eye on these things and keep your broker’s number, or your favorite self-trading website, ready to launch.

  3. Peterson, it’s unfortunate you are correct about (at least some of) Apple’s service. Over the past few weeks, I have had to try dealing with .Mac’s service done almost exclusively by email. They have been unresponsive to more than one issue I have had, often sending form letter responses to the wrong problem. My expressed frustration with them leads nowhere. Also recently, I had to take my MacBook in for service. Two different items under waranty. BOTH were done incorrectly. I had to fight to get them to correct one repair. I haven’t yet called about the other one.

    Overall, I will still say that Apple’s service is good. I am hoping the Mac issues is an anomaly. However, I am convinced that the terrible .Mac service is not.

  4. Well, bad news for Apple’s Mac support. For close to an hour, I’ve been trying to get them. I am about to call back AGAIN. I have been (again) transferred to the Twilight Zone of service calls. Most recently, dead air consumed by phone for almost 5 minutes. More than once, I got the feeling someone picked up the line and immediately put me back into the stack of frustrated callers. It used to not be this way! Let me try again….

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