Speck introduces SeeThru translucent cases for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro

Speck today announced that it has invented a new case category for notebook computers, believed to be the first translucent molded shell design for computers in the market. “SeeThru” cases for the MacBook Pro 15-inch notebook start shipping today.

“We’re proud to be introducing a new category of goods in this booming computer accessories market,” said Tim Hickman, Speck’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, in the press release. “There’s so much demand for notebook protection that we wanted to put our own spirited interpretation on it. This new SeeThru case enhances the elegant design of the notebook while helping to protect those thousand-dollar investments.”

SeeThru cases for MacBook and MacBook Pro are made of sturdy, polycarbonate plastic and come in clear and red colors. With the easy snap-on design, users can shield their notebook from scratches and bumps while enjoying access to all features including keyboard, drives and ports. Case comes complete with rubber feet to help prevent movement on slippery surfaces.

MacBook Pro 15-inch notebook cases are currently shipping to consumers and retail partners with an MSRP of $39.95. MacBook 13-inch notebook cases will be available in early November.

More info here.


  1. It makes no sense to thicken a laptop that the manufacturer has spend tons trying to reduce it. and for where is the impact protection on that? I bet the designer’s couch still has the plastic int came in on it.

  2. zerO,

    Think just a moment about all the iPod cases out there–Apple spends plenty of effort and money to miniaturize the case as much as possible/practical, yet there are tons of cases to choose from, and it’s a lucrative market. Proportionially, they add a lot more thickness to the iPods than this new casing does to laptops!

  3. I’m with opod, I cringe to think of my laptop frying in that thing. Isn’t part of the cooling strategy the way that the heat dissipates into the air from the body?

    MW=west As in, “west” has nothing at all to do with my post.

  4. I was surfing TV the other day and saw a red macbook in some video. I wonder if it was this. It was red and it looked cool. Maybe it was a yet to be released AIDS-releif macbook.

  5. Why don’t they just make a black one very similar to the stock MacBook black case so we can have the black MB cheaper? I have an aluminum PowerBook, and I can’t see removing the beautiful, perfect PB/MBP case in exchange for a plastic one. But the MB, iBook, sure.

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